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TitleVillian Notice
Posted07.16.04 01:43:07 PM
Spider-Man 3 will have a new villian, besides the Green Goblin II. Most likely the Lizard. Sam Raimi made Harry Osbourne become the one of the next villians to set the records straight. He doesn't become the Hobgoblin, like most ppl think, but rather the Green Goblin II. And they can't base the third movie off such a crappy villian, so it'll most likely be the Lizard cauze they introduced Dr. Connors in Spidey 2.

So they are going to do a completely diff. villian for the third. Second rate villians suck. All Raimi is doing is proving a point. Harry is NOT THE HOBGOBLIN.

So new villain with Green Goblin II. Two baddies.


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