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TitleMRS's Interactive Story: Good For Some Laughs and During Boredom
Posted06.26.04 03:24:53 PM
Posted by Monster
on Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 09:12 am AEST

"Mo'Steel help!" I called out
Hi, I'm Jobs. Sorry for not introducting myself. I am kind of distracted by this this...creature.
He ran in my direction to help me.

Posted by Darkest90
on Sunday, March 24, 2002 at 03:14 am AEST

Mo'Steel looked above Jobs... It seemed to be a huge vaporous, 12 eyed floating mushroom! Except beneath its huge fungus hood it had millions of scythes rotating super-fast.

It was going to eat Jobs!

Posted by Monster
on Monday, March 25, 2002 at 06:19 pm AEST

Jobs Perspective

I began to run. I run and ran. As I had never ran before. What could I do? I turned around. Its body was reaching on top of me. I was helpless.

I then in front of me saw...

Posted by AniDog2000
on Monday, March 25, 2002 at 09:16 pm AEST

Admin Removed

We do not need ridiculous parts in this story.

Posted by digitalremnant
on Friday, March 29, 2002 at 2:17 am AEST

I couldn't believe it.

I saw Billy.

And everything stopped.
I'm not sure if anyone moved for at least an hour.

"Hurry," he said in a dry, raspy voice. "Go.Now."

"Did you just stop him?" Mo'Steel asked, bewildered.

"Hurry! I can't hold him off much longer! GO! NOW!"

"Will you at least tell us where everyone else is.... uh, Billy?"

Something was seriously wrong with Billy. He looked as if he was really, really dehydrated. He then fainted.

Uh oh.

The millions of scythes began to rotate again.

And it attacked.

Posted by Mol
on Friday, March 29, 2002 at 1:55 pm AEST

Jobs fell hopelessly in front of the creature.

The creature stopped?

Its scythes stopped spinning and it looked sadly at Jobs.

For some reason, Jobs couldn't move. He could if he wanted to, but he was drawn to the beast.

The beast spoke in Jobs's mind.

Jobs couldn't talk. He just stood up. Turn away and walked up to Mo'Steel.

"What was that all about?" Mo'Steel asked.

Jobs's lips began to move, but were interrupted by sudden tremor.

The ground shook more violently and Jobs and Mo'Steel were thrown on top of Billy.

The three boys were pulled underneath the ground by a huge...

Posted by AniDog2000
on Friday, March 29, 2002 at 2:23 pm AEST

1). Monster, you can't really interfere in what people say here.
2). It wasn'tT THAT ridiculous - with Mother, anything could happen.
3). If you won't accept what I post, DON'T ask me to come here again.

Admin Note: If I remember correctly it was about a giant toothbrush...

Yes, it was. But this is a story the FANS contribute to, not just your own selections. WE make it up.

Admin Note: I will try to keep this in one message. If you have any further problems or wish to discuss this with me please PM me and I would be happy to discuss it further.

Posted by J. Trouser
on Wednesday, April 03, 2002 at 10:10 am AEST

Writhing and squriming, the mucus on the giant worm held them and pulled them underground, dragging them to it's labyrinth.
Jobs was the only one still consciouse.
Mo'Steel and Billy were out cold, possibly from lack of oxygen and on Billy's part, dehydration.

Posted by benny
on Thursday, April 04, 2002 at 7:02 pm AEST

The huge worm then tried to eat Jobs, but he found its weak spot, and kick him right in the...

Posted by Aliimo
on Friday, April 05, 2002 at 6:43 am AEST

Eye. The worm screamed in pain, twisting away before reaching back down to attack Jobs...

Posted by J. Trouser
on Friday, April 05, 2002 at 10:00 am AEST

Jobs saw the worm coming and turned to look behind him, as if to run away. The mushroom was still following them through the tunnel. Jobs looked back to see the worm plunging at him, toothless maw open. He dodged aside at the last moment, and the whirling scythes of the mushroom and the face of the giant worm collided...

Posted by Mol
on Tuesday, April 09, 2002 at 1:39 pm AEST

The Mushroom and the Giant Worm killed....

The mushroom's scythes sliced and diced the Giant Worm.

Inside the Giant Worms were regular Worms which ate the Mushroom alive....

Somebody laughed. Jobs heard it.

He turned around and saw Tamara.

Tamara spoke, "So you are the prophecy told. I have to kill you?" Tamara began to chuckle.

Jobs turned and ran....

Posted by J. Trouser
on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 9:06 am AEST

"Don't run, Jobs. You'll only make my job harder," Tamara said matter-of-factly.
Jobs coasted to a stop, and slowly turned around. Tamara was walking briskly towards him.
Jobs stood, staring behind Tamara. Mo'Steel was staggering up. He put the palm of his hand to his head and gagged. When he recovered, he looked up and saw Tamara advancing Jobs.
Mo's first instinct told him to watch, but mind over body, he forced himself, and sprinted towards the two of them, now standing face-to-face.
Mo'Steel ran, and catapulted himself into the air, landed on Tamara's back, but without looking or flinching, she shrugged him off.
Mo sat down abruptly, knowing he was out of the game, yet, not quite giving up. He began to stand, perhaps for more action; Tamara was about to attack Jobs, and Jobs just stood there. Mo looked behind him suddenly, and saw that weird kid that had been with them the whole time, Billy, stand up and start to 'sleep-walk' towards Tamara...

Posted by RapidEyeMovement
on Thursday, April 11, 2002 at 5:07 am AEST

She stopped dead. A mixed expression of confusion and outrage filled her face. And was it?..yes, Mo’Steel caught a hint of fear which disappeared as quickly as it had come.
“Ha!” Tamara laughed, a sound like gravel and bark scraping on cement. “Just a kid. Outta my way!”
She strode briskly toward Jobs, but once again she was stopped. “What-?” she cried in surprise. “NO!” Step by step, her feet were being forced backwards in the slightly damp dust. Tamara glanced up and saw the cold, expressionless face of Billy. Seeming to glow in the underground’s darkness, his eyes pushed her back. Slowly. Too slowly...
Mo’Steel watched in amazement. Then he realized that maybe he should go help his friend. “Jobs!” he yelled, screeching to a halt at his side and shaking him. “What are you doing, you idiot? Move!”
“Huh?” Jobs blinked. And suddenly caught a glimpse, coming out from the darkness...

Posted by J. Trouser
on Thursday, April 11, 2002 at 1:12 pm AEST

A hulking form. It's shadow was that of a gorrialla's, arms touching the ground, pointy, crowned head, and humped back. But what revealed itself from the shadows was grotesquely human, more so than an actual gorilla. Hairless and slobbering, it shuffled towards Tamara, walking right past Billy. Tamara stopped going backwards, Billy staring at her, yet past her. The pink flesh of the monster rippled and waved with muscle under body fat. The thing had to be 8 foot tall had it stood straight up, and must have weighed easily 400 lbs. It walked-shuffled to Tamara and set it's arms on her shoulders, leaned in and way down towards her face, lifted it's lips away from it's teeth and growled...
Tamra returned the monstrous expression.

Posted by RapidEyeMovement
on Friday, April 12, 2002 at 4:46 am AEST

She delivered an unexpected, lightning-fast kick to its drooling face.
Slimy purple liquid spurted from its injury, but this only enraged the creature further. With a snarl, the Gorilla raised a tan, hairless arm to knock Tamara's head off.
And stopped. Froze solid. Only its wide eyes darted, left to right, fearfully. Terrified.
Gasping, Tamara removed the monster's grip from her shoulders and pushed herself backwards, as far away from it as possible.
"What happened to it?" asked Jobs, who had been watching with Mo'Steel the whole time.
"I-I stopped it," quivered the voice of Billy. He slumped slowly to the ground.
Billy vaguely heard the exclamation as he slowly drifted into unconsciousness. The last thing he heard was a voice. From Tamara's baby? But that was impossible! No, clearly as ever, in his head, came the silent laughter...

Posted by Mol
on Friday, April 12, 2002 at 8:18 am AEST

Tamara stared at Billy, and he returned the stare to her.

Jobs and Mo'Steel looked at the two. They just couldn't figure either of them out.

"What is you name, Maker," Billy asked her.

"Her name's Tamara, Billy," Mo'Steel answered him. But Billy didn't acknowledge Mo'Steel's comment.

"I want to know what you are before I answer that question," Tamara said.

"I am only human."

"A human can't stop a Maker."

"I have," Billy said, as he actually had an expression on his face. It was a smile of joy.

He slightly turned his head to the right towards Jobs and spoke, "Jobs, Tamara's on our side. We must save her from this beast. She is just as trapped as I was."

"What?" Jobs asked. Mo'Steel grabbed Jobs's arm.

"I'll tell you later, Duck," Mo'Steel whispered to Jobs.

Billy stared at Tamara. The Maker wasn't going to tell it's name, but Billy thought it would be nice before he had to kill it.

It took Billy a while before he learned to communicate with Tamara Hoyle, the real trapped Tamara Hoyle.

She was a slave to that Baby, that Maker. Tamara hadn't gained strength as it appeared to the others. She was a puppet, now, and the Baby was her puppeteer.

^I WILL FREE YOU TAMARA^ Billy said psychically.

^I KNOW BILLY. THANK YOU^ the real Tamara responded.

Billy now understood. He was the only one that could free Tamara. He had to destroy the Baby that was nowhere in sight.

"Do you want to die, Billy" Tamara asked.

"Do you?" Billy countered...

Posted by J. Trouser
on Saturday, April 13, 2002 at 9:07 am AEST

"Arghh!!!" Tamara screamed.
Tamara rushed Billy.
Billy was young, not espeacially in peak physical condition, but he could move. Yet not fast enough. The maker was at least thrice as fast.
Billy didn't need physical strength.
Tamara's feet suddenly stopped, planted; Billy, with a spaced look on his face, yet very much awake, looked directly at Tamara's feet, concentrating.
Tamara's forward momentem carried her face first into the ground.
A sickening slap came from the face plant.
Tamara lay heaving with rage on the ground for a mere second that lasted an hour. She was suddenly on her feet, but still not moving. She had a minor bloody nose, nothing to worry about. She looked at her feet and screamed in exertion, obiously trying to lift her foot.
It slowly came up.
It went down faster, 6 inches further.
Then her left foot.
The process continued for about 10 feet. Billy's brow furrowed. Tamara's feet began to sink into the ground. An inch.
Tamara screamed in agony and frustration. Through some super-makerness, she continued. She was 3 stepps from grasping distance.
Mo'Steel and Jobs watched silently.
Jobs moved. Fast.

Posted by RapidEyeMovement
on Saturday, April 13, 2002 at 1:25 pm AEST

And tackled Tamara from behind, causing them both to plunge forward.
But unfortunately, she fell even closer to Billy. With a triumphant laugh, she closed her fist around his ankle.

Jobs closed in on her long hair. Gathering two handfuls, he tugged with all his strength. An inhuman shriek came from the Maker. Or was it Tamara?

"Billy! Now!" called Jobs, grunting with exertion. The flailing woman almost threw him off with a sudden jerk, but he managed to hold on.

"I'm sorry, Tamara," Billy softly told her. "I have no choice...

Posted by Jared
on Monday, April 15, 2002 at 8:10 am AEST

"but to..."

It was Tate. "We can save the real Tamara! I know we can! I thought you wouldn't give up, Billy!" And from somewhere in the depths of Billy's mind he realized he was controlled. The Baby. He could fight it... but it was too exhausting with all the fighting from before...

The Baby seemed to take control of everyone... Jobs, Mo'Steel, even Tate...

(Baby's point of view.)

Can I really control them all? And in it's mind it knew it could...

Posted by Mol
on Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 9:31 am AEST

Billy had no expression on his face. He heard the baby, or felt the baby‘s feelings. He hadn't really known which one. He really didn’t care.

You don't control us, you trick us, Billy thought to himself, I’m not putting up with you any longer!

His brows curved in, and for the first time, Jobs saw a Billy he never wanted to see... an angry Billy.

"Billy, what are you doing?" Jobs asked in a panicky way.

"I'm going to end this once and for all, Jobs." He looked towards Tate, "and I'm not going to let this happen to anyone, "he nodded his head at Tamara, "not anyone!"

He started to march away.

"Duck, we're in some big trouble. I suggest getting as far away from Billy as we can before he goes all Carrie White on us all," Mo'Steel said.

"Mo he wouldn't hurt us," Jobs replied.

"I'm pretty sure he's a newbie at that psychic stuff and I bet he’s very unstable.”

Tate walked up to the two, “yes, we better get moving or we’ll be dead.”

Jobs and Mo’Steel quickly released the struggling Tamara and the three ran away as fast as they could.

Tamara didn’t chase them though. She got up and walked slowly towards Billy. Slightly behind his every step she was...

“Bring it on, Billy,” Tamara yelled at him.

Billy quickly turned around and two explosions came out of the ground. Just enough power to knock Tamara onto her butt.

“I’m coming to get you. I will find your hiding spot, and Tamara is no use to you because I have enough energy to keep her from us without her being killed,” Billy said only in a whisper.

He was heading towards the baby. He wasn't sure, but he figured whatever he said the baby could hear him through Tamara's ears...

Posted by J. Trouser
on Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 10:05 am AEST

Billy was determined. He had come out of his 'sleep-stage' with vigour and relish, at least he thought himself. He didnt like his new awareness. Better that being stuck in a dream always, but not by a huge margin.
He wanted that baby. He wanted to do whatever he could against it. He had friends. Yes, friends. Jobs and Mo'Steel. Even Tate, but she was newer.

Sudden;y, Billy had a huge surge of insight.


It was communicated through Tamara. The real Tamara. Billy looked back and saw that she was still on the ground, yet propped up, on her elbows.
Billy had no remorse, he knew it wan't really Tamara he was fighting.
Billy treked long and hard. He had no idea where, but he needed a way, some way to get through to the cave.
Billy searched and searched for days on end. He didn't seem to be dehydrating, but he would need water sometime. The hunger pangs hadn't even struck. Billy's mind was stronger, more controlled.
But still, it wasn't all-powerful, and Billy needed a clue...

Posted by Mol
on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 11:37 am AEST

They should know my power by now. I've showed them no remorse, and I've given them plenty of pain. The strange-eyed one and the half-faced one, both dead. The "jane" dead. The shrink dead! Why won't the weird one die? He scares me, and the only way I see to his is destruction is to my own.

I sense him, I sense the weird one. He is very close. I have made up my mind. I will make the sacrifice.

I know it’s around here Billy thought somewhere very close.

Billy rose his right brow. He turned around, peering over his left shoulder.

“Welcome to the party,” Billy greeted the Baby, who was rising out of the ground?

“You will die, weird one,” the Baby spoke. The Baby was a complete Shipwright, now.

“Who have you consumed?” Billy looked in amazement.

“Does it matter?” The Baby asked.


“Aw.. reverse psychology, eh? Humans are so tasty,” the Baby laughed, “I ate your dear lover, Billy. I ate your “jane”. I know that’s all you wanted to know, if she was dead. The answer is yes. Oh, wait, she wasn’t yours.” The Baby burst out in a dark laugh.

The laughter quickly stopped, “Why, Billy, did you ask me? I know you already know.”

Billy opened his mind, and reached into the Shipwrights mind.

The Baby watched, but didn’t wait. It ran straight for him, “my pawn may have failed me, but if you want to do a job right, you have to do it yourself..”

Billy woke out of his trance, “I see it....”

Billy, now, knew what the Baby knew. Billy knew the only way to destroy the Baby, the only way to free Tamara. He charged towards the rampaging Shipwright.

What is going on Kubrick thought, as he ran out into the battle.

“Stop,” he yelled, “Why fight? What will you prove?”

Billy stopped. The Baby stopped. They looked at Kubrick.

“Why? I may only a be regular with my new-found abilities, not even as great at yours, but I’m tired. And I won’t let you continue, until I get an answer,” Kubrick screamed, “I am human,” he peered at Billy, then he turned his gaze at the Baby, “and I am Shipwright, and I care for you both!”

The Baby laughed at Kubrick.

Billy and Kubrick just stared at each other.

Billy felt a grip lost. It was the Baby. It has let go of Tamara. Billy sighed, and looked at the Baby.

“Thank you,” Billy said with a smile.

Billy felt a pain in his side. He was down on the ground.

“For what,” Kubrick said, who was now standing over Billy’s body.

“Ahhh.... damn dream!” Billy screamed. The ground began to shake violently. Anger struck his face. Fear had struck the others.

“It’s over, here! It’s over, now!”

Posted by tillmanfish
on Tuesday, August 06, 2002 at 4:13 am AEST

thats when billy heard his birth mothers voice."ruslan!"she shouted "you can do it! destroy the invader!"

Posted by tillmanfish
on Tuesday, August 06, 2002 at 4:18 am AEST

Billy sat up.his eyes wide with suprise.The baby was the invader! & billy knew his only weakness."children" the maker shouted "children" "come to me now!" "WE must fulfill the final phrophecy".thats when billy felt strong was so large he couldnt make it out. then the ground opened up.

Posted by Mol
on Tuesday, August 13, 2002 at 5:18 am AEST

and Billy fell down into the darkness, about 20 - 25 feet!

Billy hit the surface of the darkness very hard!

Posted by Jerhawk
on Tuesday, August 20, 2002 at 8:23 am AEST

"Ahh, help me!" Billy cried. "I'm so confused!"
That's when Billy looked down and noticed that he was about to enter the mouth of a huge, humungus beast. Wait, it was another giant worm.
When Billy entered the mounth, he immediately shot straight up. He went passed the opening of the hole ground and everything else.
Billy blasted through everything.
Billy now saw the sky, well, the painted sky, and he still wouldn't stop!
"I know this sounds strange, but I want to get back down to the ground!"
As if Billy's wish came true, he began to fall back toward the ground.
"Ow!" Billy yelled.
Billy looked up and there, standing above him, was Cordelia...

Posted by Jerhawk
on Thursday, August 22, 2002 at 4:18 am AEST

Cordelia put her hand on Jobs's shoulder. Worms began to crawl out of her finger nails. The worms pierced a hole right through Cordelia's arm, then stomach, and again and again. After a while, she began to fall toward the ground in pieces (just like the cover of Destination Unknown). Cordelia was now nothing more than pieces in front of the Remnants.
"Where are we?" Jobs asked.
"I think that we're in father," Yago said. "Mother's companion."
"How do you know?" 2Face asked.
"I just do, Freak!" Yago yelled.
2Face then returned a come back by punching Yago in the eye.
"Aaahh!" Yago yelled.
"Stop it!" Billy yelled. "Stop it! Stop it! I've had enough! Will you just stop fighting?! We have to stick together, not become seperated."
"Yeah, Billy's right guys," Mo'Steel said. "We're just acting like a bunch of babies."
"Speaking of babies, isn't that the Baby right there?" Mo'Steel said, pointing ahead.
Right in front of everyone was a huge, gigantic, monsterous Baby. The same size as Mo'Steel when he stepped into that laser beam in Mother's basement.
"It's Big Baby!" Mo'Steel yelled. "Run!"
The Baby began to crawl towards them, each step making the ground below them shake.
Only Billy stood defiant, not making a move.
"Well, Billy, we meet again," Te said.
"I've had enough of you, Baby," Billy said.
"That sounds kind of like a song," Mo'Steel said.
The Baby reached up his hand and brought it down with massive force.
"Billy, move!" Jobs yelled.
"I have to do this for everyone," Billy said.

Posted by Jerhawk
on Wednesday, August 21, 200 at 8:06 am AEST

"Come with me, Billy," Cordelia said. "I have to show you something."
Billy stood up and took Cordelia's hand.
"I thought you were dead," Billy said. "How are you able to still be alive?"
"When the 2x4 was in my chest, I found a time machine next to me," Cordelia said. "The board in my chest then came out, and I was fine. I got in the time machine and when I walked out, I was here, in Mother. I've been waiting for you ever since."
"For me?" Billy asked.
"For all of you," Cordelia responded.
Cordelia and Billy began to walk.

Posted by Jerhawk
on Wednesday, August 21, 200 at 8:11 am AEST

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Billy yelled in terror.
They were now free falling down and down and down, as if they'd ever stop.
Then, they were covered in some kind of a sticky glue. Shapes and immages of many different things un folded right in front of Billy's eyes.
Then, they were in space. Billy turned around and saw the huge, monsturous ship that they have been in ever since they arrived in the Mayflower.
Billy turned around, and there was another ship! They were being drawn towards the other ship.
Cordelia and Billy were sucked in through a tube of some kind. It was just like The Pipe that Mo'Steel had rode back on Earth.
In front of Billy was light! They were at the other end of the tube!
Billy and Cordelia were now laying down in some kind of a... a stadium!
In front of them was Jobs, Mo'Steel, 2Face, Yago, and all the other Remnants, except for Tamara.
Cordelia walked up behind Jobs and touched his shoulder.
Jobs turned his head. A smile went from cheek to cheek on his face.
"" Jobs finished lamely.
"Hi, Jobs," Cordelia said. "Did you miss me?"
That's when the un thinkable happened.

Posted by Libertad!
on Monday, September 23, 200 at 8:03 am AEST

Since I know Jerhawk, he told me that his second part of the story is supposed to be the last one, so i'll continue the story...

Billy closed his eyes. The Baby's hand stopped, only inches from above his head. The Baby put all of his strength down on Billy, but Billy was still untouched.
"What the..." Jobs said.
Behind the Baby came a new character. He was at least ten times larger than the Baby.
"I am Father!" the person said. "Where is Mother?!"
"Mother's over there," Mo'Steel said, pointing behind him.
Father picked up the Baby.
"Hi Father," the Baby said. "Billy, meat Father. You are no match for him!"
"Te, you must learn your manners, can't you see we have a guest?" Father said, leaning close to Billy. "A very familiar guest."
Father began to scratch his chin.
"Is that you, Gorty?" he said.
Yes, it is I," Billy said.
Billy then began to tranform into a Blue Meanie.

Posted by Libertad!
on Saturday, September 28, 2 at 12:11 pm AEST

"Gorty, I've been expecting you for five hundred years!" Father yelled. "Where have you been?!"
"I have been with these fellow humans" Billy/Blue Meanie said. "They are very fine creatures. Very nice and unpredictable, yet smart. Maybe even smarter than us."
"Creatures smarter than my Children shall be destroyed!" Father yelled.
"Wow, this story sure has an amazing twist," Mo'Steel said.
Yago stepped forward, his eyes very frusterated.
"I am the One!" Yago said. "If you want to destroy them, go ahead. But you will never destroy me! I am...important!"
"Shut up!" Father yelled.
"Yeah!" Baby said.
"Yeah!" Billy said.
Billy pulled out his mini missile and aimed at Yago. Billy pulled the triger, and Yago dropped to the floor.
"How can he die if he didn't even get shot?" Mo'Steel asked.
"Shh, I'm freaking acting!" Yago said.
"Fine, then I'll shoot you now," Billy said.
Billy pulled the trigger, and the mini missile hit Yago in the chest.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Yago yelled.
"Oh my gosh!" Dr. Cohen screamed.

Posted by Jerhawk
on Sunday, September 29, 200 at 3:03 am AEST

That was when Yago died.
"Good, I'm glad he's dead!" 2Face said. "Now I can be leader again!"
"2Face, you are very cruel and mean!" Billy yelled. "Goodbye!"
2Face was then hit with a mini missile, along with Tate, Rodger Dodger, and D-Caf.
"Stop it!" Father screamed. "They could've been our ally!"
"But you said that-"
"Forget what I said!" Father said. "I will bring them to life again!"
Yago, 2Face, Tate, Rodger Dodger and D-Caf came back to life.
Billy still stayed as a Blue Meanie, but not to ever be trusted again by the Remnants...

Posted by Libertad!
on Monday, October 14, 2002 at 11:13 am AEST

"Will you like to form an aliance with us?" Father asked the Remnants.
"NO!" Jobs yelled.
"Alright," Father said. "Would you like to go back to Mother?"
"Yes," 2Face said.
"The Remnants were swept away in a tornado of goo, heading towards Mother. When they entered Mother, they were met face to face with Riders, Blue Meanies, Squids, and Shipwrights...

That's all that was ever posted in it...


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