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TitleRe: Re: Re: another idea
Posted05.24.04 11:19:33 PM
Well, than that's the plan. Now all we need are our writers. I think we have myself, Shane, Brant, and monkeydude so far. Anyone else?

Also I have one other quick rule to add on. Tell me if you like it or not....

But our debuting stories, which won't cover the paradox, but the seperate parallel dementions.... should be in 3rd Person POV. That way it's a mystery as to who escapes their time. After they all meet up in one dimension, then it can be 1st person POV.

Also... NO Sequels. Without them, it'll leave each story on its own. I also say there's no limit to how long you want to write. Just remember these are suppose to be SHORT STORIES. So I'd say 14 pages max.


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