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TitleThe Idea
Posted05.22.04 09:13:34 PM
This is my idea, and I think it would work well too. Well, the basics of my idea are based off a simple book series by Stephen King, the Dark Tower series. The Dark Tower, in the book, is a place that holds all time and existence together. And there's multi-dimensions. Some may not be Stephen King fans, but may have seen some movies based off of his books. This may be odd, but Mr. King has connected all of his books together. Not only do a lot of the books take place in the made-up Castle Rock, Maine, but his Dark Tower series connects them all together. Though each book is completely different, and couldn't, or well shouldn't, be in the same world, Mr. King does it. How? He uses... er.... Dimension Traveling. For example, some of his characters from the Dark Tower, have traveled to other books for cameos. Did anyone see the tv show, Sliders? It's kinda like that. My idea is simple. I think each story can take place whenever it wants, in whatever kinda situation. Though I think it should all take place on Earth. I hope I'm not confusing anyone. I'm not going back and proofreading what I've wrote... just writing while I'm thinking. In one story there could be aliens invading the world, and in another, World War III..... something like that. Dimensions take can take place in any time, anywhere, just with a different situation. So in short... while don't we write our own individual stories. No remnants characters! NOthing remnants at all. It you want a book, that's fine, but if we get to deep with copywritted characters, it could never be published. I'm not saying that's going to happen, just a possiblity.

So the rules would be...

Any Point In Time
Any Situation
All Stories Take Place on Alternative Versions of Earth.

I suggest making your stories be somewhat realist, or at least explain how your world has come to be. For example, WWIII... explain how it was started in your world ect....

what do you think?


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