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TitleReally, monkeydude?
Posted05.20.04 10:02:06 PM
Wow, thanks for the compliment. My head just got bigger. Anyway, I AM ending the story like that. It's a classic literary technique called the "cliffhanger" ending. Perhaps you've heard of it lol.

There is no sequel. However, whenver I feel like it during the next few days I'm posting my next story. It's a bit longer than "The Thirteenth Floor" but in my opinion it's a lot better.

Here's how it goes. Btw, the story is called "Dire Predictions".

There were 5 friends: Brian, Johnny, Jimmy, Travis, and Ricky. Each have their own personalities (except for Johnny and Jimmy, who are identical twins and are pretty alike) and they are as close as family. One day they go out to see a fortune-teller as a laugh. The fortune teller makes 3 predictions. 1) Travis' mother, who is a chainsmoking high school dropout who sleeps around, will go to nursing school to make more money and become a better mother to Travis. 2) There will be an accident if the teenage friends go out drinking on Friday night. 3) Brian will be shot and killed on his 30th birthday by his best friend. The boys ignore her and go out drinking next Friday anyway. Johnny, Jimmy, and Ricky are in a car together and plunge into a ravine and die. Travis, Brian's best friend, hears the news and disappears. 2 weeks later Travis' mother becomes convinced that her son left home because she sucked as a mother, and she goes to nursing school.

That's all I'm saying for now. One more thing: there are 2 tremendous plot twists in the story that more or less cancel each other out. I could post it now but I don't feel like it.

Expect "Dire Predictions" soon! If you all ask nicely, that is. :-)

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