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TitleRe: The Thirteenth Floor
Posted05.15.04 08:08:30 PM
I liked it a lot! Definetley suspenseful, that's for sure. Well, I can't wait for part two of the 13th Floor. I've actually had multiple ideas for movies that I could possibly run together and get a short story out of.

You know what would be another interesting part of Rem JF? A story section. Possibly, you and I could run it. No, series of stories, but seperate adventures, non-Remnants related, like your story. I have my Twisted Raven story... which is barely finished. I haven't wrote for months upon months. It's only a little over a chapter. haha. I think it work out just better off as a movie than a novel. But you never know.

My best idea I currently have is for PULP FICTION the MUSICAL at our school.


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