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Posted04.17.04 11:08:36 PM

The movie [and, yes, they are just one BIG movie] was genius from the intellectual conversations to the spectacular fight scenes. It brings old kung fu films and spaghetti-westerns together like a well-mixed song. Plus, the jokes, which have been done extremely carefully, are incredulity good. The seriousness of the scenes and the punch lines blend in perfectly. Quentin Tarintino may just be in it for the blood and the gore, but the man does have a sense of humor.

As I said before, Tarintino has based his 4th movie off of old kung fu films and spaghetti-westerns. The first half of the movie, Volume 1, is more of the old kung fu films, while the second half, Volume 2, is more of the spaghetti-western. Though these types of movies are on two separate playing fields, they blend together perfectly.

If you want see something good, I suggest renting Volume 1, then going to the movies to see Volume 2. At least watching it for the fight scene between Uma Thurman and Daryl Hannah. It's a good one.


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