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Posted08.01.03 07:14:17 AM
I had the best RPG post I ever wrote to put under Mol's one about Yago taking over and killing Olga and Billy, but I didn't finish it, and now there's like 5 more so the timing is way off. Just for kicks, I'm going to put it here.

Holy sh*t! Yago had killed Billy and Olga! I stood by helplessly as I watched Billy get slaughtered, and then Olga. I was shocked!

"BOW TO ME!" Yago screamed maniacally. I glanced at 2Face. The look on her half-disfigured face mirrored mine, or at least what I could imagine mine looked like. Shock, horror, fear, and anger.

I turned my gaze back to Yago, and his reflective eyes bored into mine. He laughed a winning laugh. A horrible, psychotic sound that I admit chilled me.

"I am your master, Dcaf-06. Do you understand that?" I immediately screamed "No! You're not!", gaining me many different looks from the others: Approval from Mol, shock from Violet, and admiration from 2Face.

Yago immediately noticed 2Face. "Well," he calmly stated, "if you won't bow, I'll just have to kill your freak girlfriend. Yago's Piercing Eyes! Kill the freak!"

The Meanie at his right side aimed his flechette gun at 2Face, and the horror on her face angered me.

Suddenly, I remembered the last words Billy had ever said (well, telepathed, or whatever) to me, over a couple of hours ago.

**Dcaf, you will know when the time is right to show your mutation.**

"When?" I had asked.

**You will know...** and that was all he had said.

Now I knew what and when he meant. Right here, right now.

As the Meanie raised his leg, I began the change.

I watched Yago give the order. I was scared. I looked at Dcaf, but he wasn’t looking back. He seemed to be too deep in concentration over something. When the Meanie raised his leg, I shut my eyes tightly. I didn’t want to see. I heard Yago give the order to fire, and the whir of the flechette gun, and screamed. Suddenly, there was a hot wind on my face, and I dared to open my eyes. Mol had saved me! The demon mutation had sent a burst of fire to destroy the flechettes! But wait: The human Mol was standing right there next to Violet. What was going on?

Everyone, even Yago, was shocked. I had become an identical copy of the demon Mol became. “Yes, I can copy mutations,” I stated unnecessarily, “but there are two drawbacks: The transformations are painful, and I can only stay in a form for two hours.” I heard Yago scream. “KILL HIM! KILL HIM!”

“Don’t you ever shut up?” I asked calmly. I sent a small jet of fire at Yago, knocking him backwards about 10 feet. Two of the Meanies advanced on me, but I barbecued them like that. The rest of the Meanies backed off, finally getting the picture.

“Mol,” I asked, “are you ready to stick it to this jackass?”

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