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TitleWhy I quit the RPG
Posted04.10.04 06:03:07 PM
Here's why I quit the RPG.

1) Boredom. I got bored with the RPG. Simple. After a while it started to seem pointless to go on posting in a story about a long-dead book series. Mildly interesting...sometimes amusing...occasionally nice because I would have a post done and feel good about what I made...but essentially pointless.

2) Accessibility. I've stopped going online late at night to go on AIM (the sleep deprivation really started to kick my ass) and I'm also grounded from the phone. Any time I'm able to use the phone (whenever my mom's not home) I'm talking on it and not going online. This wouldn't normally be that big of a deal because I could always write a post from school, right? Wrong. Our school uses the Bess Internet filter, and for whatever reason they've blocked off RemJF under the category of "gambling". I'm still trying to figure that out, but anyway...I found a way to bypass the filter, but it got around school and kids started getting in trouble and then they tightened security...again. Lol, I found a way to beat it last year but they stopped that, too.

3) Significance. I asked myself what's more important, doing my homework and studying for tests or posting in, as Trent so eloquently put it, a globally insignificant community. It's not a hard decision.

4) Spare time. I don't really have that much spare time anymore, and when I do have it I'm either on the phone or going outside. My neighbor just got this really cool trampoline. You should see me do my "D-Caf Double Bounce to a Suicidal Bunny Rabbit", but anyway...

5) The summer. In 2 months I'll be going down to North Carolina with my dad again, and it's doubtful that I'll get ANY Internet at all. I'm sure everybody remembers what happened last year when I couldn't get online in time. I decided that it was best to kill my characters now so I wouldn't have to worry about what would happen over the summer.

The RPG used to be sort of important to me, but I just lost interest over time. Besides, it's not like the RPG Troika was doing anything besides sitting around with their thumbs up their asses...

So now the Remnants Community might die (that sounds improbable, but then again...). Cool. Let it. I don't care. The closer I get to graduating high school, the busier and busier I get. It's really sad, actually. Part of me still wants to stay up late at night and post in the RPG and the message board and everything else on RemJF...but most of me doesn't. Oh well. Feces appear, you know. If the community does die, then I'll be sure to put it on my college application as one of my credentials: "Almost singlehandedly destroyed an online community that had existed for years with nothing but a simple post in an almost inactive RPG." With something like that on my record, I'm sure all the Ivy League schools will be fawning over me.

By the way, I'm also putting more emphasis on writing my book than posting in the RPG. I actually plan on publishing my book someday, and will the RPG ever be published and make money? I highly doubt it.


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