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TitleThe Reason
Posted04.10.04 03:23:02 PM
Whenever I write something, I do it from the heart. It's a simple feeling, thought or idea that comes to me. I write from inspirations, I write for fun. This is a huge factor as to why I have wrapped up my RPG stories so quickly and untastefully. Lately, my RPG posts have not been inspiring or fun to write. They were forced. When you writing something thatís forced, it isnít from the heart. Take a school essay for instance. If they pick a topic for you, itís not going to be fun to do at all, and it wonít be your best. Iíd rather write my best, that just write something to write. If I decide to come back to the RPG (get the urge), I will do so. I didnít completely kill of Kubrick. He lives within Enviro, which gives him a chance for escape and rebirth. But I want you all to know, that I did not do this because the RPG was boring or dying. It was because the passion inside of me died. Plus, itíll give me some time to work on a novel, Iíve been wanting to write. And if it never gets published, oh, well, at least my story will be written for my descendants to read. Anyways, now, you know why I did what I did, and if youíre still confused, Iím sorry, but this is all Iím going to say about it.

Another thing that just came to mind. The RPG is not going to kill RemJF. If I can learn more of the PHP programming (cause now I have the time), maybe I can create those along awaited GAMES weíve been planning for ages.

~ Mol


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