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TitleRemnants JF is in Trouble (Dcaf-06 and Mol)
Posted04.10.04 01:42:46 PM
Remnants JF was doing fine. We were getting about fifty hits on an average day, and we werenít even close to dying.

The RPG was doing pretty good, too. People are going through a busy time of year, but we all still had good ideas planned and upcoming posts. Jabu had a post planned for last night. z2005 was going to post today, and I was going to post tomorrow.

z2005: like i said before, the site's popularity can't be like it was when we opened moribund everyday

This quote says it all. When we opened Moribund, we all had time and ideas. I was expecting Moribund would be going for at least a year, but it looks like death is in the future for Moribund. We were still getting a post every week. That's pretty active for a site based on a dead series, in my and several other member's opinions. Thirteen posts a day was incredible, but it was obvious that it wouldn't last forever.

We only had a few active members before. Now we have two less, and the future looks very bad for Moribund.

It appears that we just lost our two most active RPG posters. This could completely destroy the RPG. The RPG was the only thing keeping Remnants JF alive. Without the RPG, there is nothing left for people to do at Remnants JF.

This isnít good. Dcaf and Mol, responses would be appreciated.


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