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TitleRe: Re: Re: The Plan
PosterJay Eff
Posted03.28.04 12:15:51 PM
Well, the e-zine would not be just about our community, it would cover thoughts and views of world news, politics, entertainment, etc. It doesn't have to be about one set thing, but it does have to stay clean (since you all know what happens when people cuss in the shoutbox. Don't bring on evil Jay.)
Reviews would be on movies, books, music, websites, etc. heck you could review GWBushy for all I care, just needs to be clean for everyone.
I am all for controversial topics (gay marrages need to be outlawed, muslims get trampled while worshiping statue in middle east, etc), so long as a warning is put at the top of the article to devert those that don't want to read.
Articles would be submitted and editted by me. If you don't have very good English and grammer, then I will most likely not except your articles. I don't want to have to edit extremely bad grammer. Also, if you are a writer, you would propose your article to me first so that I can make sure that it is okay to post. Once I learn the kind of writings that you do, then I may allow you just to free write an article and submit it without asking me for the okay.
Any other questions?

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