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TitleRe: Re: The Plan
Posted03.28.04 11:07:27 AM
What a surprise...Mol wants to review movies.

I wouldn't mind writing articles for it...except that I'm with Mol when I say that I want to know what we would be writing about. There's no way in hell that I will write anything about World News...I'll have to check my pulse to see if I'm still alive.

Yeah, bi-weekly does seem like a good idea. Sometimes I get swamped with schoolwork or other things to do, so it would be nice to have some extra time.

I wouldn't mind reviewing music, myself. Rock is great, rap is okay, but don't ask me to review gospel, show tunes, classical, pop, country (OH GOD I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC), or any of that wussy crap like Josh Groban, that pussy.

Anyway, I think the community would like to know more before we make our decisions, Jay. It sounds like a good idea, but I for one need some more information. Ignore my shoutbox post that says "Count me in as a writer"...I did some thinking over the past 5 minutes, and I'm not decided for sure.

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