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TitleRe: Remnants info
Posted03.22.04 11:39:17 PM

In 2011, THE ROCK, an asteroid collides with the Earth. 80 ppl escape in a space shuttle known as the Mayflower. They go into hiberantion and wake up 500 yrs later on an alien space station controlled by a program known as Mother. An alien, who hides under the identity of one of the Remnant's baby, tries to take control over the ship, while Mother (the program) falls for a boy named Billy Weir, who was awake through the entire 500 yrs of hiberantion. Boy loves Computer. Computer loves Boy. Crazy boy Yago tries to take control of the Blue Meanies, an alien species. People mutate. Billy kills Te for control of Mother. Billy changes Mother's coarse to head for what looks like Earth. Three ppl rise from nowhere, calling themselves the Troika, and try start more chaos with the Remnants. The Remnants go back to Earth, and through some amazing time and space continoum... the millions of yrs old SHIP is there, and Billy regrows Earth, which he does so by killing himself. Oh, yeah, and there are descendants of those you survived the Rock, which live in colonies alot like those in A Bug's Life. About 13 remnants survive or so.... the END


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