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TitleRe: Favorite and Least Favorite Character
Posted03.19.04 07:45:23 PM
Yago. Ok, cmon, Yago is just too fucking awesome. Not only is he ridiculously good looking, but hes witty, and manipulative. He was just so twisted, I loved him. Especially after Breakdown. Mmm damn hes too awesome.

I hated everyone in the Alphas and the Marauders and all those new guys who pretty much just intruded the series. Im sorry, you cannot base a series on a small group of people, then decide to introduce and befriend a good 25 new characters. I couldnt read the last few books properly, because I would have to stop and remember who it was with the stupid name that KA was referring to. Ugh.

Whatever And Even, Amen.

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