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TitleRe: Favorite and Least Favorite Remnants Books
Posted03.19.04 07:05:08 PM
I've re-read the book series quite a few times, and the hardest book too read again was Dream Storm. It was so freaking dull, 'oh no the ship is gone where are the aliens dcaf what did you do poor tate mosteel your neck!' It was a waste.

After the obvious favorite book of everyone, #1, my favorite in the series had to be #13 Survival. Tate having a main part? Amelia turning soft? Yago going insane? I'd challenge anyone to find something wrong with this book.

Oh, and Brant should've said 'DON'T POST MAJOR SPOILERS.' So lets pretend that I'm Brant and I said it. Also 'Please take away all of my power and give it to Andayeerk.'


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