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Posted02.25.04 06:58:32 PM
e Brant Master (6:22:30 PM): So, have you given up on Rem JF?

Connorhea (6:22:48 PM): no, Im letting it get working by itself

Connorhea (6:23:17 PM): cause I really dont have time to post half the RPG by myself, like I was doing. I gave more than enough for a boost for your site.

e Brant Master (6:24:45 PM): Great. So you're still want to be in the RPG Troika and will post again eventually when you get some time?

Connorhea (6:24:58 PM): eventually. not anytime soon, of course

Connorhea (6:25:56 PM): go ahead and get a sub if you want


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