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TitleHere's an idea
Posted02.24.04 07:26:27 AM
It was mentioned here once before, and I'm bringing it up again. Trent has left the RPG, probably forever. Jabu is gone until March. That leaves just z2005, who is probably too busy to do the work of 3 RPG Troika members.

I suggest we have two stand-in Troika members. One for Jabu, and one for Trent. That way, we can get the mutations going and move the story along a bit. When Jabu comes back, the stand-in will resign from their position. If Jabu is ever unable to be on again, that person will substitute again. So the stand-ins should probably be people who visit the site often. If Trent never comes back, his substitute will become permanent.

Thoughts on this idea?

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