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TitleHERE IT IS...The Revival post
Posted02.22.04 01:19:13 AM
Dark Truth 06: posting?
Connorhea: no
Dark Truth 06: lost interest?
Connorhea: well, I started the ball, surely it should be fine without me
Dark Truth 06: i c
Dark Truth 06: so you're done with the RPG?
Connorhea: maybe
Dark Truth 06: (nods)
Dark Truth 06: Happened just like Jabu said it would
Connorhea: hows that
Dark Truth 06: he said that with you in the community the RPG would start out great, but then you'd lose interest and quit and then the RPG would die out
Dark Truth 06: I really should give that guy more credit than I do
Connorhea: anyways, you guys never wanted me to be solely in control of that site. so, why cant you do better without me?
Dark Truth 06: who ever said you were solely in control?
Dark Truth 06: you weren't even an Admin
Connorhea: yes, but I do believe it was you who complained that it rested on me
Dark Truth 06: well duh
Dark Truth 06: That would leave you more or less in control of the RPG, not the site
Connorhea: and what is going on now at that site, without the RPG?
Dark Truth 06: ...good point

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