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TitleTroika Vertigo
Posted02.07.04 12:45:22 AM
RPG Troika (mostly) & the community,

Vertigo will be caused by the absence of any member of the RPG Troika. If the system (the RPG Troika) needs three units to function, I suggest an alternative fourth member, a fill-in, incase of any absences. This will make it run more smoothly. If only two members are present, they can bring in the alternate as a stand-in. Whenever they want, incase they needed something decided fast.

I think everyone in the entire community would agree with me on this, so I will suggest an alternative: Brant. If it wasn't for Brant, z2005 wouldn't be in the Troika because he had the majority vote to be on the RPG Troika, but passed it up.

RPG Troika, think about it.

~ Mol


"Never fight an ugly person. They have nothing to loose."

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