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TitleRe: Re: Fascism...what a lovely system
Posted02.03.04 01:00:03 AM
1)I've been to the AIM chat, but there's no guarantee that most of the people from the RPG will be in the room at one time. Might I add that you were Away when we both wrote our conflicting posts? After I noticed our posts conflicted, I tried messaging you. No response.
2)I heard from somebody else that "everyone" hated my post. That's probably what got me so mad.
3)Good point about The Floating Metal Box From Hell. It still seems a little out there IMO, but then again a lot of things in the Remnants series were way out there.
4)My Keyboarding class paid off too. I average somewhere around 60 WPM, and I've peaked at 80. That part about staying up at night to go online had me laughing, but what you fail to realize is that I'm not staying up for the RPG. The RPG is just something I do in-between writing and receiving messages from the friends I'm talking to on AIM.

Also, about sleep, I function well with less sleep. If I go to bed at 11 and wake up at 6, my body craves more sleep. If I go to bed at 3 and wake up at 6, I'm more aware in the mornings. I'm just weird like that, but the point is that I'm actually doing myself a favor by staying up later.
5)How do I portray homophobia so well? Gee, I wonder. You're smart: figure it out.
On that note, you seem to be obsessed with that one small part of my post about Yago being homosexual. I was telling it straight: if you're trying to repopulate the human race and all you have left is a handful of people, what good is a murderous, scheming, megalomaniacal, homosexual?
6)Yeah, my character beat Yago up a bit. Believe it or not, this isn't the first usage of violence in both the Remnants series and the RPG. Don't forget: you sent one of my characters careening off into the sky. I think DarkTruth was entitled to a little anger.

I guess that's about it. Thanks for amending the rules, and oh yeah I loved the ending of your post. In your words, "This, truthfully, made me laugh. Then I realized you were trying to make fun of me..."

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