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TitleRe: Fascism...what a lovely system
Posted02.02.04 06:37:18 PM
Well, D-Caf, let’s address your very righteous post.
“Maybe some kind of system would help? Taking turns?”
I would highly suggest visiting the Remnants chat room on AIM whenever you are online and writing up your post, because in there everyone always asks who is posting, and sets up an order as to who posts first, followed by who else.
No, everyone did not hate your post. I actually liked the conspiracy that you had Natalia throw out. However, you did have some huge conflictions in other member’s characters. I can speak for 2Face at least, because so far in the RPG, she had no serious problems with Yago, and no reason to laugh in his face while he was whisked away by the “kidnapper”, or to vouch for Yago’s banishment. And she’s not a homophobic shit.
“Funny…I never knew Floating Metal Boxes From Hell were close to Applegate’s premise…”
The said boxes are not a premise, they are an item. May I direct you to “Mother, May I?” and the upside-down question marks with which the group was transported through the Basement? Or how about the mind-warping chairs? Or the red bubble-wrap which allowed creatures to “jump” out of the ship? I merely introduced another feature to the list above of transportation, communication, repairs, and now another transportation device.
You seemed fairly pleased with that part of my post anyways, when I specifically inserted it to please your wish of introducing your character. I did so, you posted off from that. Yet now, a change of heart? Oh right, hate the person, hate anything associated with him. Of course.
“Well…my character’s manipulative, grief-stricken, seemingly ruthless, homophobic, and in his latest post Trent turned him into a hot-head. Is that enough, or should I go all the way and make him a Texan?”
This, truthfully, made me laugh. Then I realized you were trying to make fun of me, so in reply I shall tell that I am not a native Texan.
“He must be an extremely fast typer, because he’s writing all of these long posts and cranking them out about two a day. Either that, or he has no life.”
Actually, I did take a keyboarding class last year, and it has paid off. But then, perhaps I don’t have a life. Even though I’m not so lifeless as to sacrifice necessary sleep to post online in a globally insignificant community of barely under 20.
“How come half (exaggeration noted) of his sentences begin with either ‘Yago’ or ‘He’?”
I have taken keyboarding, but I haven’t taken creative writing yet. This is simply my style, should you say. You have a style too, D-Caf. You know, when you’re typing, seeming speaking to yourself. Just like in those Disney shows early in the morning. I half-expect you to break out in song asking me where Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper are. Sometimes. Pardon my jousting. The pissed-off mood is seemingly mutual.
“I doubt he’s met any decent girls like her…in real life or fantasy…”
Oh right, a thousand pardons, sir. I have gone off-character because I have not met your girlfriend, and therefore can not portray her in a way her boyfriend sees fit. I am not speaking from experience. How do you portray homophobia so well? Really, I must know.
“Didn’t know being a leader made you perfect. Need an example? Take Yago.”
Yago was never the leader, nor is he perfect. No leader has been chosen yet, anti-homosexual speeches or not. Yago can rarely see past himself, he thinks short term; he is determined to do everything himself. And now he has a broken nose. Because the other un-perfect, not-quite-leader beat him up. And then beat him up again. And then wished he could beat him up some more.
“Jabu brought back Yago after I sent him shooting away.”
Here is one legitimate piece of your post, and will be amended into the rules. By absurdities, not only do we mean anything that is basically off topic, we also mean anything that affects the group as a whole. The only person who would have a problem with what Jabu posted would have been me. I had no problem, so did not have it changed or deleted. Besides, who knows what had happened in those 5 hours? It could have just flown around a few hours before dropping Yago in the lake he later led the group to. It could have dropped off Yago, but he recalled it somehow. Or Yago could’ve escaped somehow while it flew not very far away. I don’t know, and if it’s really killing you, I will address it in another post. But I will see that the rules are edited to accompany your complaint.
“Hmm…I guess Trent’s grand system for filtering out CRAP doesn’t seem to be working too well…”
Ill talk to Z about these problems, and will see to them. I was seriously not told of this. And just so you know, not all problems will be acted upon. Look at what happened when we deleted your post.

Well, I hope that helped. I’m off to go be ignored by any and all females in existence to re-sort all 3,054 of my Magic: The Gathering cards while having a homosexual orgy. Ill be enjoying it so much more, knowing that the Remnants Community is wrapped around my little finger. Ta!

Whatever And Even, Amen.

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