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TitleFascism...what a lovely system
Posted02.02.04 01:41:31 AM
Hmm...I don't know where to start.

First off, I don't care about my post being deleted. Trent posted his (20 freakin minutes) before me, and that's cool. What irks me, though, is the time I spent on it. If I had known that Trent was going to post, I would have waited until he was done. What if this happens again to somebody else? Maybe some kind of system would help? Taking turns? I guess the RPG Troika should control that since they control everything else.

Somebody told me that everyone hated my post. If everyone hated my post, then why have 3 people told me (I WON'T mention their names unless they want to back me up) that my post shouldn't have been deleted? I don't agree with them, though. It conflicted with Trent's...and since it seems that Trent has the Remnants Community wrapped around his little finger...

Referring to one of the RPG rules...
2.Absurdities will be judged by the RPG Troika. Absurdities are anything that stray from KAA's premise. Examples would be weapons of mass destruction, ghosts and/or reincarnation, and anything else that's off on a tangent.

Funny...I never knew Floating Metal Boxes From Hell were close to Applegate's premise...

Jabu told me that my character wasn't fit to be the leader. Since he knows my character best, maybe he could tell me what my character is fit best for. Jabu also told me that I can't make my character perfect. He said that my character needs some faults. character's manipulative, grief-stricken, seemingly ruthless, homophobic, and in his latest post Trent turned him into a hot-head. Is that enough, or should I go all the way and make him a Texan?

What else? Hmm...well, I do have to give Trent credit. He must be an extremely fast typer, because he's writing all of these long posts and cranking them out about two a day. Either that, or he has no life. His posts are actually longer than mine, but I opt for quality over quantity. But that's just me.

I love this excerpt from one of Trent's posts...

Yago came down another aisle to see a circle, just rising 6 inches from the floor.
Yago came up to it and studied it. It was featureless, except for it's perfect red color.
Yago looked back to the doorway, and couldnt see either Jessica or Lincoln in the hallway.
Yago turned back to the circle and stroked it with his finger.

And this one...

He touched the next panel, and when it flipped he saw the pond where he had last left the group.
He saw them all bundled, still asleep on the edge of the pond.
He glared at the shape he recognized as Natalia. The rage coursed through his body once more.
He remembered that he needed to exact his revenge.

How come half (exaggeration alert) of his sentences begin with either "Yago" or "He"? Not to mention that he went off-character with Jessica...but then again, he doesn't know her. I see the logic in that. I doubt he's met any decent girls like real life or fantasy...

Jabu told me that I made my character perfect. Hmm, that's news to me. Didn't know being leader made you perfect. Need an example? Take Yago.

Jabu brought back Yago after I sent him shooting away. He says that going over the horizon isn't a long distance since they're on a ship. Good point, but we never said how long the ship was. It could be as big as Mother, it could be bigger. It could be smaller. Who knows? I can guarantee you that going over the horizon (why didn't I word that differently in my post? It would have been less confusing) is longer than a person can walk in 5 hours...especially in unknown territory occupied with...God, how many alien species are on the ship now?

z2005 told me that he had 5 problems to deal with when he came on earlier today. Hmm...I guess Trent's grand system for filtering out CRAP doesn't seem to be working too well...

Anyway, if you've gotten this far then feel free to dispute these points or back me up. I know that I was pretty much ranting and raving, but once again I had to get my opinion out there. I feel I made some good points, too.

(mutters to self)This should make for an interesting message board thread...


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