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TitleMy post is up.....
Posted01.31.04 01:15:44 AM
When I read the RPG posts it was like a collection of novels with multiple styles of writing. I'm not complaining, but I think we should have some kinda shortened version. Some people's posts I found confusing. Some may find mine confusing. I will write a shortened version of my post here:

ERIC VANDERMER (aka MOL) wakes from hibernation, but is still in his paralyzed state.

He is found alvie by FREDRICO DiSALVO (aka KUBRICK) and Kubrick's father, ALBERTO DiSALVO. Alberto recognizes MOL as a famous bowler.

CHALIES LANGLOW III (aka CHARLIE) wakes in a room with no doors. He is one of eight people in the room, and the 1st awake. Three others awake: AMELIA, JEROME (Tate's Dad), and SEQUOIA (Tate's Mom). Amelia and his name together brings him DE JA VU. A fifth mystery person awakes and says its familiar to them too.

Who is the fifth mystery person? Duncan, perhaps? Perhaps, its someone else? Its up to you guys.


"Never fight an ugly person. They have nothing to loose."

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