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TitleRe: RPG3: Rules*IMPORTANT*
PosterRPG Troika
Posted01.28.04 11:15:12 PM
1.The Golden Rule is to follow the premise that KAA gave us. That premise is this: A small group of humans are in an unknown environment, with no control over their surroundings, and little success of survival.

2.Absurdities will be judged by the RPG Troika. Absurdities are anything that stray from KAA's premise. Examples would be weapons of mass destruction, ghosts and/or reincarnation, and anything else that's off on a tangent.

3. In the beginning, each participant is granted 2 official characters, and 4 unofficial characters. No mutations or weapons will be available at that time. However, twice a week on random days the RPG Troika will choose a member and give them the ability to gain a new character, or a mutation/weapon. The member will be chosen by their behavior so far in the RPG. When chosen, the Troika will JMail the member, listing available official characters, and asking for up to 15 mutations/weapons the member wants as options. The list will be checked by the Troika, and returned listing all approved options. The member may then choose one option from the list. An unofficial character may substitute the official choice.

4. Whenever a character is introduced, it is the member's duty to JMail the Troika saying they have made a character, and give its name.

5. You may not kill another member's character, but you may kill your own.

6. Infringement upon these rules will result in a fair warning and a deleted/edited post. The second time, the misbehaving member will be banned, their latest posts deleted, and their characters forfeited to the stack.

Anything else will be added/amended to this list.


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