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Posted01.27.04 11:56:09 PM
I'm going to put my first RPG 3 post on this messge board for your reading enjoyment. RPG Troika and Mol (since your character is waking up first), if this won't work I'd like to know now. Thankies.

Who am I? I guess I should start with my name. Hell, I wish I really knew what to call myself anymore. I was born Shawn Scott Smith, a name that I always liked. By the time I reached kindergarten I realized that all of the words in my name began with the same letter. I started to call myself Triple S, and so did my friends. By the time I reached 13 I started polishing my skills as a hacker. I took the online name DarkTruth, although I don't know where exactly I got it from. One day I heard the phrase "dark truth" somewhere and thought it sounded really cool. So who am I? Shawn, Triple S, DarkTruth, it doesn't matter. The only thing that mattered was the fact that I was alive, and that I escaped the Rock.

It was the year 2011. 5 days until impact, I was hacking NASA for only one reason in particular. I wanted to put an end to the rumors that NASA had faked the first moon landing. I searched through their files for hours, and I found two things. The first was that NASA hadn't faked the launch. That came as no surprise to me, but then I learned something else that was much more surprising...

The Mayflower Project. It was one folder, one file. The information it contained was too much for me to handle at first. A 76-mile-long asteriod was coming towards Earth, and it was too big to divert. NASA had one last-minute plan to save whatever they could of humanity by sending 80 humans (78 plus 2 crew) shooting off into space towards a star system they thought might contain a suitable planet. Experimental hibernation equipment would be used, and nobody was optimistic about the shuttle's chances. I started shaking uncontrollably. I had always been fascinated with movies and books about the end of the world, and now here I was, 15 years old, facing the destruction of everything and everyone I knew. Well, almost everyone.

The first thing I did was go to the bathroom and throw up. "There you go, Shawn," I whispered to myself. "You wanted answers, and you got them." Then I began to form a plan. It was a plan so insane, so daring, so illegal that something in my heart told me that it would work. I copied the file and exited the NASA database. I wasn't stupid, though; I covered my tracks. The information I had was delicate, and I couldn't risk discovery. I knew what I had to do.

It was that classic "Deserted Island" scenario come to life. If you could only pick one person to be stuck with on a deserted island, who would you pick? This took it one step further, though. When you're trapped on a space shuttle hooked up to experimental machines, there isn't any hope for a plane to come by and rescue you. No coconut bikinis, either.

I guess that's just my personality: I inject humor into everything. I used to be a big fan of the Animorphs series, and if you've read it then you know Marco. He's the one that is always making jokes about whatever he can to lighten the mood. That's how I am. When you're laughing (or even just being happy) you forget about everything bad. Laughter is a natural high to everybody, and making people laugh was what made me happy, something I was good at, and my natural high. There was nothing funny about this situation, though. Not even I could make a joke about the end of the world.

Anyway, back to the deserted island thing. The first person I had to save was myself (duh), but the question was about who else was coming with me. Without a doubt I knew the most important person to save: my girlfriend. I could explain why, but trust me: that would take much longer than I feel like. Let's just use the word fate here, and then we'll leave it at that.

One person wasn't enough, though. If we were truly facing the end of the world, I wanted all the company I could get, and more importantly people I could count on. I decided on one more person: my best friend. I'd known him since second grade, and he was actually family. Something like distant second cousin by marriage...or something. We used to stay up until 3 AM whenever I was at his house, watching cartoons and playing endless games of Monopoly that no one ever won. Usually I could trust him, and this was one of those times that I was going to place my faith in him.

I made contact with NASA and gave them my terms. They could either guarantee me berths for the 3 of us, or I would spread the word about the Rock faster than they could contain it. They agreed, but negotiations weren't easy. I knew that they would be tracking me with their satellites, and as good as I was I knew I wasn't good enough to stop them from finding me. I stayed as long as I could and hid the story inside of several news sites. At the start of the new day the stories were set to be released, and only I had the password to stop them. When both government agents showed up at my house with lights flashing and guns blazing, I narrowly escaped. Thankfully, I managed to save a few small items of sentimental value, namely photographs. They destroyed my computer, but it was already too late. I called from a pay phone, told them about the files that were already hidden in the source of some websites, and in the end they made the deal with me.

I gave them my location, and then the fun began: I had to convince my two best friends that the world was coming to an end. NASA escorted me to Coty's house, and Coty, being the dumbass that he is, didn't believe it at first. I told the men to wait outside as I went inside of his house, and then I knocked on his door. He answered and let me in. I gave him the full story, and he looked about ready to laugh. "Have I ever lied to you?" I asked him out of desperation. "Yeah!" he said. Fair point. "This time is different, man," I pleaded. He seemed indecisive, and then he looked me straight in the eyes. "If you're lying to me," he said, "I'll kick you ass." "Dream on," I retorted, shoving him. I was both joking around and genuinely irritated. He shoved me back, and I got so pissed that I drew my fist back. This is when my escorts, who had been watching the whole thing, broke down the door and held a gun to him. "Guys," I quickly said, "it's cool. It's cool." After they lowered their guns, Coty was ready to listen to what I had to say.

Then I was escorted to Jessica's. She reacted much the same way as Coty first: denial, but as I told her everything she started to believe. Her and Coty were the only ones that knew about me being a hacker, and since Coty was here to back me up (along with 5 armed men) she quickly changed from denying it to being freaked out. I went to say something comforting, but I didn't know what. "Ma'am, you will be taken care of," one of the agents said. "Yeah, what he said," I said, jerking a thumb towards the guy in the suit.

Thank God that none of their parents had been home. Was it coincidence? I'll never know. I heard that both Coty's and Jessica's parents flipped out the first couple of hours after their disappearances, but then NASA phoned them with a good and plausible story. My parents, too. It was heartbreaking for all 3 of us to know that we would never talk to or see our families again, and while they made the calls we just sat there, exchanging sad glances and saying nothing.

Our last few days on Earth passed by in a blur. The only thing I really remember was a lot of tears between the three of us. The day of the launch came, and we each got into our respective berths. Thankfully our berths were all in a row, and it was comforting to know that I was a few feet away from my friends...and yet at the same time a million miles apart. At least I was in the center, because to me there was more comfort in that. We were all laying on our backs, and nobody was speaking. The silence was deafening, and I had to break it. "Coty," I said, making a brave stab at humor, "saying goodbye sucks, so I'll see you later." He laughed nervously. "I'll miss my Playstation 4," he said. "You would," I remarked. I turned my head to my other side. "Jessica," I said, and then the Plexiglass lids slid closed over our faces, blocking out all sound. "Shit!" I yelled, but no one heard it but me.

We followed the instructions for the hibernation technology to start, and then I started to feel the shuttle rumbling. Suddenly I started to panic, and I pushed on my Plexiglass lid. I pushed as hard as I could, but then the technology started to have an effect. The calm came, slow at first. I stopped pushing on the lid, and I stopped screaming as loudly as I could with the tube down my throat. As I got drowsy and welcomed the peace, I saw a boy. The first thing I noticed was that he looked a good bit like me: Dark hair, semi-tall, dark eyes. The other thing I noticed was that he had a gun. My vision blurred...I saw the boy turn around...I heard a popping noise...and that was all I heard or saw for 500 years.

Just as hibernation was the most peaceful sleep I ever had, waking up was one of the worst ordeals I ever went through in my life. My whole body felt like it was moving in slow motion, mostly due to the fact that it was. I opened my eyes, and then I closed them. Slowly I started to regain motion, but every movement was hell. Suddenly the synapses in my brain started to fire. Too fast! My computer...NASA...Mayflower...Jessica...Coty...the Rock...Earth...destroyed...I started to panic again. Everything was too much! I fumbled around for the release button, and then I found it. The lid popped off of my berth and I struggled up on burning arms and legs. I tumbled out of my berth and laid there, slowly breathing until I recovered. I still ached as I got up, so I crawled to Jessica's berth and looked inside. She was okay, and I silently thanked God. I looked around and saw no other signs of life. My still-groggy mind took irrational pride in the fact that I was the first to awaken, and then I passed out from exhaustion, both mental and physical.

The next thing I knew I was being shaken awake. I opened my eyes and squinted up at the person. "Wake up, Shawn," she said, gently shaking me again. I sat up and shook my head, trying to remember who and where I was. After a few seconds everything came back to me, and then I recognized Jessica. We kissed, both enjoying the thrill of simply being alive. She helped me up (she must have been awake for a while, because she seemed fine whereas my legs were still shaky) and we walked to Coty's berth. I found the release button and popped the lid. The sight inside of the berth will haunt me forever. My best friend was nothing more than a mass of bluish-green mold not even recognizable as anything human. I was horrified beyond belief, and I retched. I would have thrown up just as I did the night I first learned about the Rock, but there hadn't been anything in my stomach in 500 years. Jessica and I both shared a moment of silence, and tears came to my eyes. I cried for Coty, for my family, those I knew, those I didn't know, those I loved, and even those I hated. Jessica was crying with me, and I held her close to me and looked down at the remains of Coty. It had been such a long time since life had been normal, and at this rate it looked like things were never going to be normal again.

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