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TitleCreativity Vs. Utter Crap
Posted01.18.04 11:21:59 AM
Dcaf-06: Another thing, Mr. Trent: What some people view as good may not be what all view as good
Dcaf-06: Has it ever occured to you that your opinion may not be that of others? Just a thought

A brilliant point to bring up, D-Caf. But there is the minor problem that EVERY ONE of these subjects were brought up in a COMMUNITY chat, discussed, argues over, until it was AGREED upon by the majority, and THEN put down as a rule. And these rules arent even official for at least 3 weeks. You still have time to make some picket signs.

Dcaf-06: There is a fine line between creativity and CRAP, I'll give you that much
Dcaf-06: But who are you to draw that line? Might I remind you that you weren't even f###ing involved in the Remnants Community for a long time?

Another interesting point, but lets see...oh! Yes, this is WHY Ive suggested the RPG Troika, a group of three different members, to moderate the RPGs. Hell, I may not even be one, and IM NOT COMPLAINING.

It seems rather pompous of you to leave the Remnants Community, which did just fine without you by the way, and then just come back whenever you feel like and start inventing new rules

Actually, everybody, INCLUDING you, have said that this board was dying, or near empty, until I showed up and (you said this) suddenly there are 30 new posts in the boards.

I have to go for a while, but Ill respond with the rest later. Oh, and may I remind you what a low blow it is to 1) bitch at me when im not even there and feeling all high and mighty because I cant defend myself and 2) to bring this up at the boards to do the exact same thing as in point 1?

Whatever And Even, Amen.

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