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Posted01.18.04 02:05:18 AM
Okay, I'm willing to bet that you're all about to hate me, but I absolutely have to post my (radical) opinion on this. Like it or leave it, I don't care.

I'm just wondering if this new RPG is such a good idea with the stringent guidelines. I mean, if you have to "behave" and submit what characters and/or mutations you want to an "RPG Troika", then it seems to me like your creativity is being downgraded. If you're not free to write your posts as you want to, then what's the point of writing them? The following is a transcript of a chat that I have with Trent about this. At first we were getting along well enough, and I pretty much agreed with him, but after a while I changed my opinion and started to get the impression that he's an pompous, overbearing, and overall brusque prick. No offense.

P.S. z2005, you said that Mol killed off Billy without your consent. Don't forget, Billy was Mol's character, and therefore he was free to do whatever he wanted with Billy. FYI. Oh yeah, and after a while Trent went Away, but I kept talking. I just wanted to get my point across.

Trent: but heres what were doing
Dcaf-06: Well we can't fight over it, the character decisions are final right?
Trent: Each member gets to choose up to 2 official characters, and make up to 4 characters of their own. Then, once a week, the RPG monitors (or Troika) will choose someone whos behaved themselves and they can then choose either a remaining official character, or a reasonable mutation/weapon
Dcaf-06: wow...that's a lotta rules...
Dcaf-06: So we all start out with no mutation, right?
Trent: Right, and we're not trying to control you guys, but we need to keep this true to Remnants, and so some limits are needed
Dcaf-06: I partly agree with that
Dcaf-06: When you posted about how the RPG got totally distanced from Remnants I thought, "YOU GO TRENT"
Trent: others have said things like that too
Dcaf-06: yeah really
Dcaf-06: I tried to keep my posts somewhat true to the storyline...Mol and the others went overboard with the IV...don't know if you read that
Trent: god I just gave up after 1 page
Dcaf-06: Yeah really
Dcaf-06: That is when you have lost your mind...and in the Mother RPG there's a Terminator...
Trent: yeah, that really annoyed me
Dcaf-06: me too
Dcaf-06: But maybe there's a better way to do that mutation thing
Dcaf-06: Like, if I'm ever on in the chat I'll bring this up
Trent: what
Dcaf-06: Just a suggestion
Dcaf-06: Let's say that any poster behaves...what does "behave" mean, anyway? Sticks to the storyline?
Trent: We have some rules which, in general, say stay true to the story line, yes
Trent: well
Trent: stay true to the Remnants premise
Dcaf-06: right
Trent: 3. The judging of absurdities will be based upon KAA's core formula for the series: Remnants is about a small group of human's in an unknown environment, with no control over their surroundings, struggling to survive.
Dcaf-06: Anyway, if a poster behaves for a certain period...maybe two weeks, I don't know...then they get to choose EITHER a reasonable mutation or a new character
Trent: yeah, I just said that
Dcaf-06: mine's different though
Dcaf-06: I mean more than one poster per week
Trent: 2. The Remnants series' mutations and weapons were scarcities, and thus the RPG will be so too. However, once a week on an unannounced day the RPG Troika will choose one member, depending on their behavior, and grant them the ability to use a mutation or weapon, or gain a new character. This will work by J-Mailing them, saying they have the opportunity, and they will then send back a list of up to 10 mutations, weapons, or characters they want. The Troika will then check the list, judge them reasonable or not, and then give the revised list back to the member, and that member may then use one ability from the list.
Dcaf-06: all of them could get to choose if they stick to the core format
Trent: so, no RPG Troika?
Dcaf-06: oh ok
Dcaf-06: The RPG Troika SEEMS like a good idea
Dcaf-06: keyword: seems
Dcaf-06: but what I'm saying is that every poster, assuming they behave, could get the opportunity
Dcaf-06: until they get at most 1 mutation for each of their characters
Trent: Ill bring that up in a chat tomorrow, but for now, my mother is screaming and I must leave
Dcaf-06: Then if they don't stick to the storyline maybe they get banned
Dcaf-06: this new RPG...too many rules...hampers creative energy...ah the hell with it
Dcaf-06: No offense, but screw this new RPg
Dcaf-06: The old way was cool the way it was...
Trent: creativity is something unique and productive. making crap up just because you can is not creativity
Dcaf-06: I agree with that...
Dcaf-06: but the whole point of writing stories and posts is to explore what you can do...if you limit that, then you limit quality
Dcaf-06: and when you limit quality, then you get CRAP
Trent: Look at the first 2 RPGs! You had complete freedom and now you have stupid parties and the TERMINATOR! Is that not CRAP?
Dcaf-06: Yes, the Terminator idea was CRAP
Dcaf-06: but some people (like me) tried to stay semi-true to the storyline
Dcaf-06: so the first two RPGs were a mix of absolute SHIT and not that badness
Trent: then its not a problem for you. This is to contain those who make the RPGs crap
Trent: Ill bring this all up in a chat, as I said, but I really must be going
Dcaf-06: true...but it's more the fact that I don't feel like I want to participate in something where there are rules governing what is GOOD and what is SHIT based on the opinions of a select few
Dcaf-06: okay, if you gotta go then you gotta go

Auto response from Trent: Whatever tomorrow brings, Ill be there with open arms and open eyes. Whatever tomorrow brings Ill be there,

Ill be there Ill be there Ill be there

Dcaf-06: Another thing, Mr. Trent: What some people view as good may not be what all view as good
Dcaf-06: Has it ever occured to you that your opinion may not be that of others? Just a thought
Dcaf-06: There is a fine line between creativity and CRAP, I'll give you that much
Dcaf-06: But who are you to draw that line? Might I remind you that you weren't even f###ing involved in the Remnants Community for a long time?
Dcaf-06: It seems rather pompous of you to leave the Remnants Community, which did just fine without you by the way, and then just come back whenever you feel like and start inventing new rules
Dcaf-06: In case you didn't realize this, buddy: Remnants is dead
Dcaf-06: The series has been over for almost 5 months now...
Dcaf-06: It should be the job of every RPG poster to explore their creativity, do their own thing, and not be governed by a set of rules that a few people (this so called RPG TROIKA) set for everyone
Dcaf-06: Now that Remnants is over, it might just be a good idea to use the RPG as a very lenient guideline...just a starting point...and then the posters can do their own thing as long as they stick to A that can be set by the posters as a whole
Dcaf-06: Who the hell are you to come into the Remnants Community all of a sudden and start controlling things? I agree with you that the RPGs shouldn't get too out of hand, but to have unnecessary rules about's just absurd

Auto response from Trent: Whatever tomorrow brings, Ill be there with open arms and open eyes. Whatever tomorrow brings Ill be there,

Ill be there Ill be there Ill be there

Dcaf-06: When you want to choose a mutation, you shouldn't have to send your ideas into some people for review...what is the point of that?
Dcaf-06: Bottom Line: In my opinion, the Remnants Community was doing just fine until you came into the picture and started making the RPGs to your own liking
Dcaf-06: Why don't you do the universe a favor...Eat shit and die...Ta ta...
Dcaf-06: ~Dcaf-06

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