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Posted01.18.04 12:43:29 AM
Er...wha...wait...huh...let me start again.

Um...okay. Mol's latest (and super long) post in the Rayniah RPG. Wtf? He just totally undid the plot of Remnants! I mean, like most of Mol's posts it's really well written, don't get me wrong,

Secondly, how can this message board be virtually dead for so long...and then when I come back the next day there's a new RPG, an AIM chat I missed, and 30 FREAKING POSTS! In the words of my girlfriend, 2Face, "That's gay."

So now I've like missed the bulk of the character auction, huh? Well it wouldn't be any fun for me to take Dcaf (D-Caf, Dcaf, Dcaf-06, D-Caf-06, whatever) since 2Face is already taken, so I guess...if I even decide to take part in RPG 3...that I'll make my own characters. did I fall so behind in one day?...

I swear to God, whoever creates the character DarkTruth will die...I already have dibs (glare)

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