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TitleThe Future of RPG (Very Important)
Posted01.17.04 02:55:42 PM
z2005, monkeydude, Sky, Jabu, Trent, and I participated in an AIM chat concerning the future of the RPG last night.

We discussed a possible date for the end of our current RPGs and the beginning a new RPG. Other topics discussed were a storyline for the new RPG. (Starting at the beginning of book 2 with the Mayflower landing on a Shipwright ship.) Moderators were another topic of discussion. We will be posting more about this current issue later. Thanks to Jabu for helping me prepare this summary.

Another chat may happen later today. If you're on AIM, contact me at eBrant Master and the chat will start when we get enough people. Here's a transcript from last night.

Brant: A good discussion would be nice.
Arsh: I sauppose
Jabu: wait
Arsh: ?
Brant: We should plan #3
Brant: what?
Arsh: I wanna at least blow up a character named Jabu :-D
Arsh: ?
Jabu: :glare
Brant: Why wait?
Jabu: SKy, can you repeat everything you have said before the blowing up jabu thing?
Arsh: Ok
Brant: YES
Brant: lol
Arsh: Explain what's so funny
Arsh: Guys?
Brant: It appeared that I was talking to myself
Jabu: lol
Brant: Jabu, send me a log
Arsh: In the RPG, I'll put a bullet in a character named Luientenant Jabu
Steelemonster: :-$
Arsh: ...
Brant: jabu
Brant: come back
Jabu: why do you hate him so
Brant: We need to have this discussion
Jabu: if he dies, you'll never have a chance to tell him that you hate him
Arsh: Hate who?
Arsh: Ok
Arsh: I hate Jabu. Better?
Arsh: Anyway
Brant: Okau
Brant: *Okay
Brant: Let's keep this alive until Trent returns
Arsh: Sure
Brant: okay, jabu is back
Jabu: you don't really hate me
Brant: He missed all of your posts earlier due to a mistake
Jabu: you just think you do
Steelemonster: Don't start anything.
Arsh: I think i do?
Steelemonster: Or you will be banned from this chatroom.
Arsh: You're serious?
Steelemonster: Yes.
Brant: lol
Arsh: And you have the authority?
Brant: yes
Jabu: omg someone has a poo fetish
Jabu has left the room.
Brant: Sky?
Arsh: yo
Brant: That was jabu's warning
Brant: I'll let him back now
Jabu has entered the room.
Arsh: His warning?
Jabu: baik
Brant: Welcome back
Brant: You have your warning
Arsh: Anyway
Brant: Anyway, does April sound good to you, Jabu?
Jabu: lol
Brant: For the death of RPG 1 and 2
Arsh: Death?
Jabu: April was eaten by Newt
Arsh: Hey, don't say death
Arsh: say finale
Brant: for the finale
Jabu: teh end
Arsh: that's better
Brant: What is your opinion, Jabu?
Jabu: on what
Arsh: He doesn't have one
Brant: April
Jabu: I think it should be sooner
Jabu: like next week
Arsh: Nevermind
Arsh: NO WAY
Jabu: plz killl yerself
Arsh: Way too soon
Arsh: **** off
Jabu: nou
Arsh: nou?
Brant: Okay....
Arsh: What's nou?
Jabu: pronunce it *******
Brant: Next week is too early, but April is too late apparently.
Jabu: yes
Arsh: pronunce?
Brant: Let's settle this.
Arsh: spell correctly, *******
Arsh: Nohyoo?
Brant: RPG #3 needs to be planned before it starts.
Jabu: ugh
Jabu: I know
Brant: We can't have Dcaf-06 start it with a wild party like last time.
Arsh: Start it with a trek through the Swamp
Jabu: it was a joke at the begining, we never thought it would be taken seriously
Jabu: that was a bad idea
Brant: Yes
Brant: Trent thinks we should use normal Remnants characters. Sound good?
Arsh: Or with a Rider picking off the Remnant
Arsh: s
Jabu: we did
Arsh: Well...
Jabu: emphasis on we
Arsh: I want to make my own character
Brant: Where story-line should we start?
Jabu: *can'tspellnut*
Brant: Mol will too, I'm sure.
Arsh: Hm......
Jabu: will what
Arsh: start at the Tower of Babylon
Brant: What do you think about characters, Jabu?
Jabu: As long as tate's there, I'm fine
Brant: And where to start story-line?
Brant: Well, Kubrick and some other main characters hadn't been met then
Arsh: When the Shuttle lands
Brant: Ah
Jabu: like the first one
Arsh: he beggining
Brant: Very interesting idea.
Arsh: When the shuttle disentegrates
Jabu: we can control the list
Brant: first one?
Jabu: wait...
Jabu: you mean the first book?
Jabu: or the second?
Arsh: second, when they land
Brant: Good.
Jabu: that's what I thought
Brant: That way characters can wake up from hibernation.
Arsh: And my character is armed with a huge arsenal and his mutation
Jabu: ugh
Jabu: don't think so
Arsh: Blow away the riders
Jabu: ...
Arsh: Well, I do
Jabu: no
Arsh: yes
Jabu: you don't get it
Arsh: I don't care
Jabu: we want it to stay true to the books
Brant: Okay
Arsh: Fine
Brant: Mol and Dcaf-06 should get on
Jabu: it's a simple set of rules, not too hard to follow
Arsh: Then its not an RPG
Brant: Same with z2005 and some others. Their decisions count
Jabu: it is
Jabu: not all rpgs need weapons
Arsh: It'll just do what happens in the book
Jabu: or all out destruction
Jabu: no
Brant: This can be settled.
Arsh: Yeah, al out destrucxtion
Jabu: we follow the premise, that these people are stranded on a strange land where they have no power over anything hat happens
Arsh: My characters are always maelstroms
Jabu: they will eventually triumph
Arsh: pft
Arsh: Good doesn't always win, ya know
Brant: Yes
Jabu: yes
Arsh: It does?
Jabu: ugh
Jabu: ...
Arsh: ...
Brant: Okay
Jabu: You want evil to win?
Arsh: No
Jabu: You want the human race to die?
Jabu: that's not what this is about
Arsh: But what you're going at, its like a storybook ending
Jabu: i haven't said anything about an ending
Arsh: There should be death misery and stuff liek that... like real life
Jabu: ...
Arsh: We have to really get in the character's end
Jabu: yes, but we don't need bombs for that
Arsh: head*
Arsh: Oh well
Arsh: Its a game
Arsh: Who cares?
Bran: Yes
Arsh: yes what?
Jabu: ok, do you have any opinion on this at all? You seem to be changing the conversation with each sentance
Arsh: So?
Brant: We need to discuss this or Remnants JF's RPG dies
Arsh: You're speaking gibberish for most of it
Jabu: ...
Brant: Okay, we start at the beginning of book 2.
Jabu: yes
Brant: This happens between next week and April.
Jabu: lol yes
Arsh: March?
Jabu: more like February
Brant: That's what has been accomplished so far.
Arsh: brb
Brant: Decide, you must.
Brant: k
Brant: I hate Trent's font.
Brant: I can't view it using Steelemonster.
Jabu: Sky thinks that weapons of mass destruction will live onboard a shuttle that the government decided should land in peace that has been in space for 500 years
Brant: Okay.
Jabu: oh so likely
Brant: Weapons are out.
Jabu: of course
Brant: We need to discuss mutations.
Brant: Besides Rider boomerangs and stuff
Brant: Mol or Dcaf-06 would be nice to get on
Jabu: well, any mutation before book nine, excluding kubrick and Yago's
Brant: YEs
Brant: Edward should get his mutation like normal.
Jabu: yes
Brant: Tate is up to you.
Jabu: nobody should really notice, like Trent
Jabu: <3 tate
Jabu: I know what to do with her
Brant: Good
Jabu: but that's about the only one
Jabu: I can't handle a Tamara controled by the baby
Jabu: but I'd love to be violet again
Brant: Okay.
Jabu: but we need to talk more about story than characters
Brant: So, there will be no Baby?
Jabu: yes
Brant: What?
Jabu: no
Jabu: I mean, yes there has to be a baby
Brant: We need to decide everything
Jabu: unless....tamara's baby turns out normal
Brant: Hmm?
Jabu: but shouldn't we incorperate the shipwrights somehow?
Jabu: the best way would be threw the baby
Brant: Yes
Jabu: *through
Brant: Okay
Jabu: um
Brant: Trent, Sky, Mol, Dcaf-06, z2005. We need you
Brant: Think Nothlit and Trebbag would help?
Steelemonster: Nevermind....
Jabu: does z2005 even do this anymore?
Brant: Yeah
Jabu: Nothlit? lol
Brant: He posts every once in awhile
Jabu: not in the rpg
Brant: Yes, he does.
Brant: He views every new posts and sometimes posts. I've talked to him.
Jabu: oh?
Brant: Just not on AIM, but I'm hoping he joins us later
Brant: Don't insult him or I'll ban you from this room, Jabu.
Jabu: why would I do that?
Jabu: I've talked to him before
Brant: Really?
Jabu: visited his website
Brant: Tell me...
Jabu: a long time ago
Brant: Oh, cool
Jabu: he's on right now
Jabu: nothlit
Brant: oh.
Brant: I meant, z2005.
Jabu: oh
Jabu: hmm
Jabu: have I talked to him before?
Brant: no
Jabu: oh
Brant: Talon is on, too.
Jabu: is he....weird?
Brant: No.
Jabu: then why would I insult him?
Jabu: he's no sky
Jabu: <__<
Jabu: >__>
Brant: ........
Steelemonster: Enough of that!
Jabu: oop
Jabu: s
Steelemonster: 'You Raise Me Up'
Jabu: what
Brant: sorry
Brant: wrong button
Jabu: utM=wmg/joshgroban/joshgroban_youraisemeup_01_nb.rm
Jabu: utM=wmg/joshgroban/joshgroban_youraisemeup_01_nb.rm
Jabu: v
Jabu: utM=wmg/joshgroban/joshgroban_youraisemeup_01_nb.rm
Jabu: utM=wmg/joshgroban/joshgroban_youraisemeup_01_nb.rm
Jabu: vee
Jabu: el oh el
Brant: okay
Steelemonster: Sky, come back
Jabu: plz
Jabu: does Dah- oh never mind
Brant: We need people to talk
Brant: Talk talk talk talk
Jabu: andayeerk posted once in the old rpg
Jabu: once
Brant: cool
Jabu: let's invite her
Brant: Invite her
Jabu: no
Brant: yes
Jabu: um
Brant: ?
Jabu: you do it
Jabu: An da Ye er k5 4
Jabu: An da Ye er k5 4
Jabu: An da Ye er k5 4
Jabu: An da Ye er k5 4
Brant: you invite her
Brant: I never knew her
Brant: thanks
Arsh: Yes, weapons
Jabu: I talked to her once
Brant: yay!
Steelemonster: omg
Jabu: oh em gee
Brant: Welcome back
Arsh: ty
Brant: Good, good, good
Brant: Start the conversation up.
Brant: *up
Arsh: Well, my character will have weapons
Jabu: ...
Brant: What kind of weapons?
Jabu: yes
Jabu: what kind?
Arsh: LEts see
Arsh: Swords
Arsh: shuriken
Arsh: knives
Arsh: staves
Arsh: pistols
Arsh: automatic rifles
Arsh: sniper rifles
Arsh: shotguns
Arsh: mobile suits
Arsh: and so on
Jabu: oh god
Brant: What about mutations?
Jabu: Jabu: Sky thinks that weapons of mass destruction will live onboard a shuttle that the government decided should land in peace that has been in space for 500 years
Jabu: Jabu: Sky thinks that weapons of mass destruction will live onboard a shuttle that the government decided should land in peace that has been in space for 500 years
Jabu: Jabu: Sky thinks that weapons of mass destruction will live onboard a shuttle that the government decided should land in peace that has been in space for 500 years
Jabu: Jabu: Sky thinks that weapons of mass destruction will live onboard a shuttle that the government decided should land in peace that has been in space for 500 years
Arsh: Mutations
Jabu: this is true even today
Arsh: Well
Arsh: just a sec
Brant: k
Arsh: My mutations would
Arsh: be
Jabu: you mean 'mutation', right?
Jabu: plz be mistaken
Arsh: accelerated healing, so basically invulnerability and immortality
Arsh: yeha
Jabu: oh god
Jabu: so you can't die?
Arsh: piss of Jeremy
Jabu: that's realistic
Arsh: Yeah, that's right, so I can't die
Arsh: You would have to hit me with a freight train
Jabu: you are ridiculous
Arsh: to knock me out
Arsh: So what?
Arsh: SO are you
Jabu: no
Arsh: piss off Jeremy
Jabu: orly
Arsh: I can do what I wnat with my character
Brant: Okay.
Jabu: as long as we can send him back in the ship to earth
Jabu: by himself
Arsh: Earth's gone
Jabu: and never hear from him again
Arsh: **** you
Jabu: not according to MY CHARACTER
Arsh: I'll make sure to kill off Tmara nad Tate
Arsh: Brant, Im goin
Arsh has left the room.
Jabu: what a jackass
Brant: This is great
Brant: We have a war before the rpg began
*OnlineHost*: Steelemonster rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 3
Jabu: yeah, but once someone important tells him what to do, he'll do it with no questions asked
Brant: dang
Jabu: he's a toad
Jabu: ie
Jabu: lolol
Brant: okay
Jabu: okay
Brant: we need to
Brant: talk to dcaf-06 about this
Jabu: oh no
Brant: And Terminator
Jabu: ....
Jabu: no
Jabu: no
Jabu: no
Jabu: Terminator?
Brant: Terminator, what is up with him?
Jabu: i'm pretty sure he is a gimmick
Brant: By who?
Jabu: don't know
Brant: Carson?
Jabu: someone who hates the rpg
Brant: Ah
Brant: Hmmm
Jabu: Arsh: piss of Jeremy
Jabu: omg he totally said jeremy
Brant: hmmm
Jabu: lol
Jabu: piss 'of'
Jabu: didn't catch that
Brant: o_O
Brant: We need an agreeement
Jabu: 'of' as compaired to 'off'
Jabu: between ourselves?
Brant: Yes
Jabu: oh no
Brant: Ourselves meaning the Remnants JF members
Jabu: ok
Jabu: excluding sky, right?
Brant: I don't know...
Jabu: :-\
Jabu: oh god
Jabu: Title Re: Re: Ok, but I think we should add some closure to the MOTHER Poster Arsh Posted 01.16.04 08:12:52 PM I want to destroy Rayniah and blow up Mother.
Brant: message from sky
Brant: Arsh: Tell Jeremy that I don't give a shit what he says
Jabu: ugh
Jabu: this is why I don't talk to him
Brant: Arsh: and I'll slice and chop and kill what I want Arsh: I have the right to do that
Jabu: suryado
Brant: z2005 is on!
Jabu: Title You just want to kill everyone? Poster Jabu Posted 01.16.04 08:16:22 PM What an idiot
Jabu: yay
Brant: gah
Jabu: terminator is on remjf
Brant: He just signed off
Jabu: oh :-(
Brant: maybe he'll see my post in the mb
Brant: It says to get on aim
Jabu: he's at the mb right now
Brant: very awesome
Brant: 5 people are online
Brant: Arsh: And tell him... that there'll be a giant robot armed with gatling cannons, blowing up the Tower of Babylon
Brant: Arsh: And that my characters will always be maelstroms, no matter what anyone says Arsh: and tell him to look up maelstrom
Jabu: does he mean, the tower of Babel?
Brant: Yes.
Jabu: do I reallly have to look it up?
Brant: *sigh*
Brant: ShoutBox01/16/04 20:19:39 by BrantAIM chat going on now. Details in the messageboard.
Jabu: yeah
Brant: We need to form together
Brant: The fate of Remnants JF depends on everyone getting along.
Brant: god, we're doomed
Jabu: I know
Brant: z2005 may get back on if he sees the post
Brant: Or maybe he got off because he saw it. o_O
Jabu: he's still on remjf
Jabu: well, not anymore
Brant: Here comes Santa Clause
Arsh has entered the room.
Jabu: has it been an hour yet, dad/
Steelemonster: Welcome back.
Brant: We may have some others coming soon.
Jabu: I hope so
Jabu: we're not getting anywhere with just us
Brant: z2005 and possibly Mol, Dcaf-06, or Richie
Arsh: You know what Jeremy? I'm sick of your ********. You think you're so great and think that you're in charge and can stop me from doing what I want. Well **** you. I'll do whatever I want in the third RPG, and you can't stop me.
Jabu: richie?
Arsh: Richie?
Jabu: what
Jabu: yeah, that's what I think
Jabu: someday, I'll eat brant and take over his brain too
Brant: z2005 is coming
Jabu: then I'll know all the secret passwords
Arsh: Yo're planning to do that tomorrow probably, ignoring the fact he's 500 miles away
Arsh: pft
Brant: Okay
Brant: Be nice
Arsh: You can't do anything
z2005 has entered the room.
Arsh: to bad
Brant: Hi z2005.
Arsh: Hi Mr. Chaos
Brant: Jabu is Jabu
z2005: hideeho
Jabu: hello
Arsh: Oh.... so you're z2005
z2005: yep
Brant: Arsh is Arsh.
z2005: ok
Arsh: I though you're sn would be z2005
Arsh: yo
Steelemonster: Any misbehavior will result in an immediate ban.
Arsh: pft
z2005: i thought yours would be arsh
z2005: ...
Arsh: Shut up Steelemonstter.
Jabu: this is the correct responce
Arsh: So did I
Arsh: It turns out someone took it
z2005: hey
z2005: whadyaknow
Arsh: I don't like Bots
Brant: Anyway, about the RPG.
Jabu: yeah
Jabu: ...well?
Brant: We were discussing the RPG.
Arsh: I want do whatever I want, no matter what anyone thinks
Brant: And seem to have some disagreements over what to do.
Jabu: that's the understatment of the century
Arsh: yeah, I gree with that
Arsh: agree*
Jabu: Mainly Arsh (8:26:04 PM): I want do whatever I want, no matter what anyone thinks
Jabu: Mainly Arsh (8:26:04 PM): I want do whatever I want, no matter what anyone thinks
Jabu: Mainly Arsh (8:26:04 PM): I want do whatever I want, no matter what anyone thinks
Arsh: Oh and JEremy... I'm gonna blow up the Tower of Babylon
Brant: We were discussing a 3rd RPG and the end of #1 and #2.
Jabu: You mean, Babel
Jabu: */.
Brant: We have decided that #1 and #2 will end between next week and April.
Brant: And #3 will begin sometime.
z2005: ...
Jabu: but before March
Arsh: Whatever
Jabu: he is totally confused, brant
Brant: Yes, I'm not good at explaining things.
Arsh: **** OFF
Jabu: ugh
Arsh has left the room.
Jabu: whatever
z2005: thatll put a rush on some of us in rayniah rpg with miniplots starting up
Arsh has entered the room.
z2005: wb
Arsh: ty
Jabu: Well, it doesn't have to stop really fast
Arsh: I hate that BOT
z2005: what bot
Jabu: Steelemonster
Jabu: who is also Brant
Jabu: 's bot
z2005: why
Brant: Steelemonster is a bot that I made. It boots people who do stuff.
Jabu: dunno
Arsh: Steelemonster is a facking bot
Brant: Swearing sometimes equals a boot. Anyway...
z2005: nice censorship
z2005: ...
Arsh: See
Jabu: yeah, it's really pointless
z2005: no need to demonsrate
Jabu: he just likes to see himself, bann himself
Arsh: Way too much censorship sometimes, no offense Brant
Brant: Heh
Jabu: what censorship?
Jabu: he was being sarcastic
Arsh: Shut up Jeremy
Brant: Anyway, about the RPG
Arsh: ooh, I'm being sarcastic
z2005: lol...
Brant: All members of Remnants JF need to reach an agreement.
Jabu: about what
z2005: its funny to watch jabu and arsh bicker, and brant trying to get people back on topic
Brant: What to do with the RPG.
Brant: lol
Arsh: I would abstain, but I vote the premise stays the same, but we modify it to our tastes
z2005: well, first off
Arsh: lol
z2005: whats the 3rd rpg gonna be about
Arsh: Apaprently
Brant: Good question.
Arsh: We go back to the beginning
Arsh: When everyone lands
Jabu: the second book
Brant: We were planning on starting it at the beginning of book 2.
Brant: Yes
z2005: obviously trent is big on an rpg that ties in greatly to the remnants storyline
Arsh: So, the problem here is
Jabu: as he should
Jabu: be
Brant: Yes, Trent will return soon.
Arsh: that JEremy won't let me do what I want
Jabu: Yes, it is all me
Jabu: Apparently, the remnants need bazookas
Arsh: Yeah, it is, *******. Whatcha gonna do? Boot me?
Arsh: My character does
Arsh: screw the bazooka
Arsh: I want a giant robot with gatlling guns
Brant: Okay.
Arsh: and almost every weapon concievable
Arsh: and my mutation to be accelarated healing
Arsh: so I'm invulnerable and I can live a long time, but not Immortal
Brant: Hmmm.....
z2005: well, find a way to work that in when the rpg starts
Arsh: I know a way
Arsh: We cross over with paralel dimensions and wormholes
Jabu: o
Arsh: brb
Brant: k
Jabu: this is possible without a captain, of course
Brant: er...
Jabu: well...
Brant: It'd be nice if Dcaf-06 and Mol got on.
Jabu: yes, so satan and jesus can enter the story and spar
Brant: And Trent's spent the last 1 hour and 30 minutes eating dinner.
z2005: well, what if some cataclysmic event far away sent enough force to shove the Mayflower off course
Arsh: back
Arsh: I know
Brant: k
z2005: hypothetically
Brant: Hmm
Arsh: The cataclysmic event
Brant: Very interesting idea.
Brant: That could be developed into something interesting.
Arsh: is my ship blowing a hole in space, destroying the asteroid belt, hurling an asteropid toards earth
z2005: im just trying to set up a backstory leading to when the rpg starts
Brant: Backstories are always good.
Arsh: Listen to this
Jabu: but then we couldn't begin on mother, could we?
z2005: or the mayflower could "land" on mother earlier or later than the series
Arsh: In a different dimension/universe, my character left in a ship, blew a hole through space, creating a dark hole. The explosion caused a wormole to open. But that caused an explosion in the normal dimension when a gateway opened up
Arsh: hurling an asteroid towards Earth
Jabu: well, why would these aliens give the remnants weapons, much less human weapons, and robots?
z2005: when did weapons come in>
Arsh: But then, the hole had some effect, sending me hurling thorugh space, to Mother
z2005: ?*
Arsh: Its in my ship
Jabu: when sky wanted a bazooka
Arsh: I never wanted a bazooka
z2005: um
Arsh: Fine, disregard my idea, see if I care
z2005: if we WERE to start on mother, weapons would be out of the question
Jabu: yes
Brant: You see what I have to go through every day, z2005?
Arsh: I already have weapons in my ship
Jabu: and where did you get your ship?
Jabu: oh
Jabu: you're an alien?
Arsh: Every week, not everyday
Brant: good point
Arsh: From the parelel dimension, where its the future
Jabu: o
Jabu: and how does he get incorperated to the struggle of the remnants trying to survive on mother?
Arsh: And my ship can morph to a giant, heavily armed robot
Jabu: *into
Jabu: as is understood
Arsh: Mother captures him
Jabu: because she has always had a grudge towards that ship that can morph
Arsh: Shut up
Brant: Note: I'm saving this conversation and will post in onto Remnants JF later.
Arsh: Ok
Brant: Some of it will be edited.
z2005: lol
Arsh: No
z2005: "some"
Arsh: Don't edit
Jabu: plz don't edit
Brant: Okay...
Arsh: In its entiretly Brant
Jabu: hey everyone, i'm on tv!
Jabu: nr
Brant: Trent must really be hungry.
Jabu: I don't think he's eating anymore, brant
Arsh: I'm going to blow up Mother's hull
Jabu: as ya do
z2005: or hes neglecting us
Arsh: or
Arsh: maybe he's busy with something else?
Arsh: be patient
Brant: He was here 5 minutes, and went to "eat dinner"... We'll see what happens.
Jabu: eat dinner at 7:45 my ass
z2005: i ate dinner already
z2005: chicken
Brant: he lives in texas
Jabu: oh
z2005: chiiiiicken
Jabu: I knew that
Jabu: <__<
Steelemonster: !ban $user
Jabu: onos
Brant: Okay....
Arsh: Shut up, yo ubot
Brant: This will be hard to relay to Dcaf-06 and Mol and the others
Arsh: Nah
Brant: I can control Steelemonster.
Jabu: nobody will read this in it's entirety
Arsh: Send em the convo
Steelemonster: -Brant here.
Jabu: hi brant
Arsh: Who cares
Brant: Heh.
Arsh: I just want it in its entirety
Brant: z2005, do you know anyone else who posts in the RPG's screen name?
Jabu: because, of course, it is all about you
Arsh: Shut up Jeremy
Jabu: orly
Brant: Hmmm...
Arsh: Lets end the story with them reaching Earth, blowing the psychotic ship Mother, then ripping a hole in space time, regenrating the Earth
Brant: Dcaf-06, I'm sure, will have his issues. No clue about Mol.
z2005: what do you mean?
z2005: rpg screen name?
Brant: No, AIM screen name
z2005: oh
z2005: no
Brant: What story?
Brant: k
Arsh: Doesn't anyone acknowledge my ideas?
Jabu: you are already planning an end to the rpg?
Brant: RPG #1, #2, or #3?
Jabu: you shouldn't do that
Jabu: let it flow
z2005: mol's pro says his aim is TheRagingInferno
Jabu: ~~~~~~~
Arsh: Shut up Jeremy
Jabu: ugh
Arsh: 3
Brant: Okay.
Arsh: End the 2nd one with 'the Great One' dying at the hands of someone
Jabu: what about thehackermol?
Arsh: that's on Yahoo
Brant: Great One?
Arsh: The main bad guy
Brant: Ah
Arsh: Lets have him being disintegrated in the core of his space station or something
z2005: yeah
Arsh: then the space station falling towards Rayniah.
z2005: i still have a few things baout my characters that i have yet to unfold
Brant: Oh, Justin/Flash?
z2005: about*
z2005: yeah
Arsh: It hits the ground, destroying the planet
z2005: and the conection between blur and billy
Brant: Well we have time to finish it.
z2005: the recently formed connection*
Jabu: Brant, should we just end the mother rpg after killing terminator?
Arsh: Then the gateway sends everyone to an alternate dimension the Earth wasn't destroyed
Arsh: but Venus was as the asteroid missed
Brant: I think that's a good idea.
Brant: The Rayniah RPG needs some time to unfold.
Arsh: What is?
Jabu: ok
Brant: Many different people have their own agendas to finish.
Arsh: How about this
Arsh: The Great One dies at the ends of a hero, who also dies from his wounds
Brant: Hmmm.....
Arsh: then these bombs go off, or a laster blast hits the space station, causing it to hit Rayniah,
Brant: For #3 again, right?
Arsh: No, 2
z2005: naw
Brant: Oh
z2005: hes wondering how to end rpg rayniah
Brant: I see.
Arsh: then in a separate ship, spacetime gateway opens, sending thenm to the alternate dimension
z2005: ...
z2005: that doesnt end it
z2005: that sends thm to another dimension
z2005: them*
Arsh: Elaborate
z200: if they get sent to another dimension
z2005: there has to be something else there
Arsh: Ok
Arsh: uim
z2005: that would just insert another plot into the rayniah rog
Arsh: How about
z2005: rpg*
Arsh: The conspiracy unfolds, and the good guys take a ship and dock at the Great One's station
Arsh: a fight ensues and hidden truths are revealse
Arsh: revealed*
monkeydude has entered the room.
Arsh: Then
Brant: Here is monkeydude.
monkeydude: wassup
Arsh: uh
Arsh: Hi
Arsh: anyway
Jabu: who is monkeydude
Jabu: ???
Brant: From Remnants JF, Jabu.
z2005: one thing thats final: The Great One's end will be the conclusion of the Rayiah RPG
Jabu: oh yeah
Jabu: :-[
monkeydude: i come from the site
Arsh: The ship goes lightspeed, blowing a hole in space time, while anyother person stays behind, and kills the Great one, in a bold suicide mission
Arsh: Guys?
Brant: We're discussing the endings of the current RPGs and the beginning of a new one
Brant: I'm neutral. No sides.
Brant: Whatever you all decide, I'll do.
Jabu: that's not cleche at all sky
z2005: maybe if the ship was sent through some sort of wormhole, and oe person went with the ship on the suicide mission
z2005: that way the rest of them would have a "The End"
Arsh: That's what I'm sayting
z2005: one*
z2005: ah
z2005: ok
Arsh: One person dies
Arsh: the others go to an alternate dimension, where the asteroid missed Earth and hit the sun or something
monkeydude: i never posted in that rpg because you guys where way to far. one reason i think a new one would be good is for the new people
Brant: Think Mol and Dcaf-06 would agree on this? Others, too?
z2005: ...
monkeydude: i dont know...
z2005: ok, we cant link the rpgs
Brant: Good, we're planning on making a new one in the next few months.
Jabu: who is the one person?
Brant: maybe sooner/later
Arsh: Well
monkeydude: it should be...
z2005: if youre trying to link the end of the Rayniah rpg to the start of the new one, it wouldnt make sense to the storyline of Remnants
Arsh: The Sandman
monkeydude: im not sure
z2005: whic is the point that trent was trying to get across
Arsh: It'll be a new storyline
z2005: which*
Brant: Right.
Jabu: I want Tamara to die
Arsh: I g2g
Arsh: later guys
z2005: k
Brant: Goodbye
z2005: l8r
monkeydude: it starts at the end of the whole series.
Arsh: I'll kill her, don't worry
Arsh has left the room.
Brant: o_O
Brant: kill her?
Jabu: not him
Jabu: oh god
monkeydude: whose her?
Brant: I'm wondering that, too.
Jabu: I really don't like sky, you know
Brant: We've noticed.
Brant: He's said the same about you in less polite terms.
Jabu: ok
Brant: Arsh is Sky by the way
Brant: For those of you confused
z2005: i know
Brant: Hmm
Brant: So, what now?
monkeydude: i think the new rpg should start at the end of the series. All of the kids gather and talk about how over protected there parents are
Jabu: ...
Jabu: yeah
Jabu: /sarcasm
monkeydude: then they sneak out
z2005: weve decided on a main storyline for the rpg
monkeydude: so what is it?
z2005: youve read the series right?
monkeydude: yes
monkeydude: all 14
z2005: were gonna have the rpg start at the beginnign of book 2, where they land
z2005: an alternate to the original Mother story
monkeydude: sounds good
z2005: we could even have it where they dont land on mother at all, if we wanted
monkeydude: maybe there should be another one about the survivors on earth
Brant: Oh
z2005: an rpg4?
monkeydude: yep
Brant: AH
z2005: what?
Brant: I could do it if people agreed on it.
z2005: on to soemthing brant?
Brant: Just thinking and watching
z2005: well, primal retribution was cut off by mrs's demise
monkeydude: it would be good
Brant: I never went to that.
Brant: Too busy then.
Jabu: primal retribution died
Brant: What happened in it?
z2005: it was about the survivors left on earth after the Rock
Jabu: it ended up being some stroyline like resident evil
Jabu: omg zombies
z2005: exactly what monkey was talking about
monkeydude: i love resident evil
Brant: Ah, I see.
Jabu: yeah, but it isn't remnants
z2005: well, there were fractured storylines abundant jabu
monkeydude: exactly
Brant: Sky is in favor of as many weapons as possible.
Brant: No matter what we do, he will create lots of weapons.
z2005: he'll find some way
Jabu: even if it doesn't make any sense at all
z2005: even though that deters from the remnants storyline
Brant: Exactly.
monkeydude: on the earth, there should be about 50 survivors
monkeydude: it's still smart
Brant: Like at the end of Book 14?
Brant: AFter the epilogue?
z2005: oh, so liek a Remnants2?
z2005: like*
monkeydude: like#
z2005: a continuation right where the series ended?
monkeydude: so good
Brant: For RPG4
z2005: that could work
Brant: #3 takes place at book2 probably
monkeydude: no, an rpg5
z2005: yeah
Brant: Wait, what?
monkeydude: 4 is on earth
z2005: thats basically decided
Jabu: what?
Jabu: ok
Jabu: we're having three rpgs at once now?
Brant: I'm confused. What is #5?
Jabu: 1)ranyah
Jabu: 2)mother
Brant: #1 Rayniah #2 Mother #3 Book 2 #4 Earth
Jabu: 3)mother redux
Jabu: 4)earth before
Jabu: 5)earth after
z2005: but rpg4 could work for the people who didnt get to do some of the stuff they wanted to in the Rayniah RPG
z2005: earthbeofre?
z2005: earth before?*
Jabu: well, before the re-greening
Brant: Eh?
z2005: what do you mean?
Jabu: um...
Jabu: after the rock
Jabu: that's what I mean
Jabu: what
Brant: So we're talking about 3 new rpgs?
Jabu: I'm not saying anything new
Jabu: I hope not
z2005: that was Primal Retribution
monkeydude: yes
Jabu: yeah
Brant: You are.
Jabu: no
monkeydude: what?
Brant: lol
Jabu: I'm just repeating what I thought I heard
monkeydude: 8-)
Jabu: *saw
z2005: Jabu, if yuo are talking about what happened to the survivors of the Rock's impact, after Mayflower lifted off, that was Primal Retribution
Brant: You're confusing everyone
monkeydude: there would only be three cuz i thought the first two would end
Jabu: no
Jabu: that is waht monkeydude is saying
Jabu: *what
Jabu: I don't care
z2005: yeah, thats what monkey said
z2005: so what did you say?
Jabu: I was just saying it for myself
z2005: ...
Jabu: he said #5
monkeydude: okay here's the list
z2005: dot dot dot
Brant: trent's back
Jabu: yes
Jabu: do it Monkey
Jabu: do it real good
Jabu: dun dun dun dun dun
Jabu: I mean push it
z2005: ... (again)
Jabu: but that is inappropriate
Trent has entered the room.
Brant: This is Trent
Trent: indeed it is
z2005: wb trent
Brant: Trent, meet Jabu, z2005, and monkeydude.
Trent: whats the debate about?
Brant: Sky and the RPGs
Trent: Chaos? is that lain?
z2005: about a possible fourth rpg
monkeydude: 3.begging of book
Brant: Chaos is z2005.
Trent: fourth?!
z2005: no
z2005: z2005
Trent: ah
Jabu: el oh el
Brant: Here are Sky's quotes
z2005: yeah
monkeydude: im confused
Brant: I'll do whatever I want in the third RPG, and you can't stop me.
z2005: monkeydude was considering a fourth rog about what happens after book 14's epilogue
z2005: rpg*
Jabu: brant you have changed
Trent: so RPG 3 is the beginning, and RPG 4 is after
Brant: Yes, so #3 and #4.
z2005: a continuation of the series
Jabu: I don't like it
monkeydude: 4. end of series, beginning of new
Jabu: I think we should just have one
z2005: rpg is after Mayflower lands somewhere
z2005: an alternate to book 2 and beyond
Jabu: but whatever
Trent: I dont see how you can continue it. It ended pretty definitively.
Brant: I want do whatever I want, no matter what anyone thinks. Oh and JEremy... I'm gonna blow up the Tower of Babylon
Brant: That was by Sky/Arsh
z2005: yeah, just monkeydude's suggestion
z2005: we dont have to hav a fourth
Brant: Trent
z2005: have*
monkeydude: or 5
Trent: right, right
Brant: Would it be okay to start RPG #3 at the beginning of book #2?
monkeydude: yes
Trent: I think so, yes
monkeydude: perfect
Brant: So much has happened in this chat
Trent: such as
Jabu: not really
monkeydude: know about the characters
Brant: I'm posting a log
Brant: On Remnants JF later
Trent: mmk
Brant: okay
Brant: stay alive
Trent: um
monkeydude: i want to be Billy
Trent: or not
Brant: Er wrong one.
Jabu: All we know is that the rpg will start at the begining of book 2, and there will be a shapeshifting robot spaceship captained by a man with a bazooka
Brant: That could be arranged
Brant: Yes
Trent: I get Yago and 2Face
Brant: Sky wants that
Jabu: I was being sarcastic when I said that, Brant
Brant: I know
Trent: good
Brant: I want Roger Dodger and Edward
Trent: this isnt Transformers.
z2005: ooo, ill be billy
Jabu: I know
z2005: i have many ideas about him
monkeydude: im billy
Jabu: sky again
Jabu: I want Tate
z2005: awww
Jabu: and Violet
Trent: And, if there is a Mother, I have her
z2005: were not sure
monkeydude: fine, you can have Billy. ill be Mo'steel
z2005: a suggestion i made is to have some cataclysmic event shift mayflower off course
z2005: and possibly have it "land" on mother ata different time
Trent: ok, so...were not landing on Mother? sounds nice.
Trent: oh
Trent: different time
Jabu: via transformer
z2005: like, before or after the landing of the series
Trent: please dont act like this in the RPG, Jabu
Jabu: oh god
z2005: that way, the aliens and environments could be different
Brant: And tell him... that there'll be a giant robot armed with gatling cannons, blowing up the Tower of Babylon
Jabu: I am just quoting sky
Brant: Sky said that
Brant: Yes, we are quoting Sky.
Trent: ok
Trent: well
Trent: Sky, please dont act like that. And Jabu, please dont encourage him.
monkeydude: i know. they come out of the ship and find themselves on a earth, in an alternate reality
Jabu: lol that'll never happen
monkeydude: it could be covered with huge forests
Trent: how about a different ship. Other than Mother's (though probably will have the same Mother program). You know, another one from the Maker's fleet
z2005: sky doesnt care what the rpg is about, jst as long as he has a bunch of weapons
z2005: ooo, good idea
z2005: Father...
Jabu: or uncle
Jabu: :-)
Brant: Okay, I'm back.
z2005: wb
z2005: trent has a good idea
Brant: thanks
Brant: Everything in this conversation will be posted on RemJF later for people read
Brant: Mainly Dcaf-06 and Mok.
Trent: should we censor various idiocy?
monkeydude: and mok?
Brant: *Mol
Brant: I can boot people with my bot.
monkeydude: sure....
z2005: Trent asked what if mayflower landed on another of the Maker's ships?
Brant: If they misbehave.
Jabu: If we do that, sky will be made that he was edited out of the convo
Jabu: *mad
Brant: 'Okay
Trent: ow about a different ship. Other than Mother's (though probably will have the same Mother program). You know, another one from the Maker's fleet
Brant: No, no editing.
Trent: *How
Brant: THat'd be interesting
z2005: yes
monkeydude: they land on earth
Brant: 'Wow, way too many conversations
monkeydude: and find survivors
Jabu: what
Brant: Okay, we have ideas for 3 new rpgs
Trent : And I think we should stray from the Earth story line, if we can
monkeydude: why?
z2005: primal retribution covered that
Trent: Book 1 defined very clearly that Earth was demolished
z2005: we dont need another
Trent: She went back to earth on 10-14 because she had no other ideas
monkeydude: okay
Brant: Hmmm....
Brant: Question:
Jabu: or because she died in that horrible fire that destroyed all of her manuscripts so that her ghostwriters had nothing to work with
monkeydude: okay, heres the storyline ive gotten
Brant: Should we start #3 before we finish #1 and #2?
Brant: k
Jabu: why
z2005: well, i dont think 3 rpgs should be going at once
Jabu: yeah
Brant: I agree.
z2005: that would cause confusion for soem of us interested in the third
Trent: Ok, now this happened once before on a Rem RPG, and Im sure it could happen again. Lets try not to just copy and paste from the book, but choose our own story line. Its just not as creative, I think.
Trent: yes, only one RPG at a time.
Brant: Good.
Brant: Er....
monkeydude: they land on another ship and so how many survive?
z2005: lets have the mother and rayniah rpgs finish up, and start the new one after
Trent: set a deadline
Brant: Yes
Trent: a week, perhaps?
z2005: well monkey, thetll be decided by whoever waked up first in the rpg
Brant: WE were talking
Jabu: Mother's will be easy, we can finish that within a week
Brant: Between next week and April was our tentative date
z2005: the final deadline i april
z2005: is*
Jabu: that is too late
Brant: Yeah, Mother deadline can be next week.
Trent: yeah
Trent: way too long
z2005: the rpgs'll finish somethime between now and april
z2005: well mother can end
monkeydude: no, in feb
z2005: but theres too much started in rayniah
Brant: Mother ends next week.
Trent: Mother should end in 1 week. Rayniah should end...3 weeks max.
z2005: mother can end rather easily
Jabu: brb
Brant: Yep, nothing started
Brant: k, Jabu.
monkeydude: Brant should post a post that gives a a warning
Trent: 1/23, Mother will end.
Brant: I can do that.
z2005: rayniah has too much that's just beginning to show for it to end right away
Trent: 2/6, Rayniah will end
z2005: ...
Brant: *sighs*
Trent: that 3 weeks
Trent: type fast
z2005: the rayniah people are gonna have to frenzy-post for that to happen
monkeydude: 2/1 Rayniah will end
Brant: Oh yes.
Brant: o_O
Trent: No, 2/6 should end. Its a Friday. And it would be a busy end for Rayniah, and a busy beginning for RPG 3.
monkeydude: exactly why brant should warn them
Brant: Oh yes.
z2005: well try for 6
z2005: if not, the 13th
Brant: BTW, has anyone seen AninutJ in the last few months?
monkeydude: make a long post that slowly ends it
Trent: oooooh
Brant: He sort of vanished.
Trent: Fri. 13
Jabu: back
Brant: haha
z2005: yep
Brant: Welcome back.
z2005: friday the 13th
Jabu: tnkxea
z2005: wooooooo
monkeydude: see
Trent: well
Trent: as fun as that sounds
Trent: 2/6 is better
z2005: yeah
z2005: but im saying if we cant finish up by then
monkeydude: 2/1 is the best
Steelemonster: $user
z2005: then the 13th
Brant: Er...
Jabu: ?
Brant: We have three dates here.
monkeydude: or 2/1
Jabu : 4/23
Brant: 2/1 2/6 2/13
Brant: ...
z2005: um monkey, you arent even in the rayniah rpg
monkeydude: i know
Trent: You have to think of the outcome. 2/6 is a Friday, and a very busy day. Perfect for ending and beginning.
z2005: so, you dont know whats going on
monkeydude: thats why i want it to finish
Brant: Trent and monkeydude will start in #3.
z2005: 2/6 i a busy day how?
z2005: is*
Trent: Monkey, Im not in any of them yet, but I am giving them the time they deserve
Trent: its a Friday
z2005: well, 13th is too
Trent: and 13th is too long
Brant: If only Mol still worked...
monkeydude: i know. why cant we have two at the same time
z2005: im not dismissing the idea of the 6th
Trent: 3 weeks is very reasonable
Trent: Because we dont want any of the problems from the first two finding their way into the 3rd
monkeydude: were doing it right know
Brant: It's not working out that great.
Brant: People are neglecting one to post in the other.
Brant: We should never have done it.
Trent: exactly
z2005: what?
z2005: split the rpgs?
Jabu: we just wanted to get away from the battles
Brant: Yeah.
*OnlineHost*: Steelemonster rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 5
*OnlineHost*: Jabu rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4 5
Jabu: damn
*OnlineHost*: Brant rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 6
Brant: I win.
Trent: The RPG is something you read, and thus needs substance. You can watch bloodbathes on TV all the time.
Brant: Story is good.
Trent: very.
*OnlineHost*: Brant rolled 2 598-sided dice: 578 363
Jabu: omg u r cheetng
monkeydude: who the heck?
Brant: Sorry, continue talking.
Trent: Alright, 1/23 for Mother to end. 2/6 for Rayniah to end.
Brant: Anyone disagree?
Trent: 3
Trent: 2
Trent: 1
Jabu: Terminator might
Jabu: 0
Brant: too late
z2005: naw, hopefully we can finish by then
Jabu: he didn't say 0
Brant : No, Mol/Dcaf-06, and some others may disagreee.
monkeydude: 2/7 new beginning begins
Jabu: we can talk terminator into dying
Brant: But we can show them this conversation that I keep saving
Trent: And we need rules. I would highly enforce the "sheer stupidity will not be tolerated" policy
Brant: Anyone know who Terminator is?
Brant: Yes
Brant: I agree, Trent.
Steelemonster: In this room, I shall kick anyone out who acts stupid.
monkeydude: no being stupid is perfect
z2005: lol
z2005: not really
Jabu: hey brant?
Trent: no, it is not
Brant: hi jabu
Jabu: remember //roll
Jabu: ?
*OnlineHost*: Steelemonster rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 2
*OnlineHost*: Jabu rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 4
*OnlineHost*: Brant rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 3
*OnlineHost*: Jabu rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 4
Brant: you win
Jabu: I am on a lucky streak now
Brant: Back to the RPG Rules.
Jabu: ok, back
z2005: um, what is /roll?
monkeydude: can i play?
Jabu: orly
Brant: k, forget that
Brant: go back to the rpg
Trent: Since some people consider certain posts stupid and pointless while others consider it great fun, we should have a Troika, persay, to judge whether a post is worthy of deletion.
Jabu: Steelemonster: In this room, I shall kick anyone out who acts stupid.
Jabu: Steelemonster: In this room, I shall kick anyone out who acts stupid.
Jabu: Steelemonster: In this room, I shall kick anyone out who acts stupid.
monkeydude: i want to play?
Trent: The 3 most active. Brant...Jabu and I?
Jabu has left the room.
z2005: ooo, im good with stupidity
z2005: i dont tolerate it
z2005: ive dealt with it all my life
Brant: I booted Jabu.
Brant: He flooded the room
Jabu has entered the room.
Brant: I like the troika idea
Jabu: grr
Trent: ok, so Jabu wouldnt be a proper candidate for our no-stupidity Troika
z2005: dont flood
z2005: from brant
Brant: Jabu, that was a warning for flooding
Brant: Yes
z2005: ill do the troika
Jabu: I was being ironic
monkeydude: okay, so what are we going to do about the rules?
Jabu: but it was lost
Trent: Alright, so, Brant, Chaos and I?
Brant: The Troika idea sounds cool
Jabu: ok, what did I miss
Brant: you missed the rules
monkeydude: whose chaos?
z2005: z2005
Brant: z2005
z2005: ion RemJF
z2005: on*
monkeydude: what is the list for?
Brant: the troika for rules
Trent: proposing a Troika to judge whether or not a post is stupid and thus worthy of deletion
Brant: Yes
Jabu: and I need to be part of this
monkeydude: im smart
Brant: Although, that complicates things.
z2005: whatever happened to the review Troika?
z2005: just wondering
Jabu: it died
Trent: so the majority of the Troika must agree before deleting
Jabu: with mol
Jabu: and decaf
Brant: Dcaf-06 and Mol left after book 2
Brant: I did up to 6, too.
z2005: ah
Brant: anyway, about the editing and deleting
Trent: right
z2005: yeah, just wondering about that
z2005: anyway
Trent: is there a way to make 3 people able to edit posts in the RPG only?
Brant: According the Jay's scripts, only admins and super admins can edit/delete
Trent: hm
z2005: dilemma
Trent: well, he has 3 weeks to think up something for the RPG Troika
Brant: But we could make a new category maybe...
z2005 : such as...
Brant: Yes, but Jay hasn't been on more than 10 minutes for a few weeks
monkeydude: so jay eff, mol, and brant are the troika
z2005: mod
Trent: no
Trent: not mol
z2005: there could be a mod category
Trent: he never comes, does he?
Trent: and Brant just said Jay doesnt either
Brant: Well
z2005: for the rpg
Trent: we need active people
z2005: im active
Brant: Ye
Brant: s
Trent: because we dont want to pause the RPG for one stupid person and one offline person
Brant: Yep
Trent: I propose Brant, z2005 and I
Jabu: :glare
Brant: What do you think?
monkeydude: why not me?
Trent: Jabu, I had you suggested. Then you flooded the room.
monkeydude: i come often
Jabu: I only flooded because of brant's stupidity
Jabu: it was ironic
Brant: It was a warning.
Jabu: but it was lost to the bot
z2005: except out of place
Brant: I booted Sky earlier when he was threatening about weapons...
Brant: Anyway
Trent: in all the excitement, my bladder has swelled with glee. please hold.
Jabu: but I am very active on remjf, and who says that there has to be just three people?
monkeydude: three is enough
Brant: Oh, just noticed z2005.
Brant: I like the there can be a mod category
monkeydude: but i want to join
Jabu: me too
Brant: There are only slightly more than 3 people who post in the rpg
Brant: Not everyone can be a mod.
z2005: yeah
monkeydude: i join
Jabu: You want it to come down to how much I participate in the rpg?
Jabu on remjf?
monkeydude: no
Trent: back
z2005: wb
Trent: why thank you
monkeydude: wassup
z2005: awww, shucks
Trent: I know. Im one for flattering.
Trent: but anyways
monkeydude: okay, three mods
monkeydude: who?
Trent: three is perfect
Jabu: hey brant, whatcha thinkin?
z2005: three for now
Brant: Mol will want to be a mod...
Trent: 4 would leave votes at even and 5 is just too much
Jabu: Mol doesn't do anything good for the rpg
Jabu: at all
z2005: he can already edit the stuff
Brant: Yeah
Jabu: and ^^
monkeydude: okay...
monkeydude: mol,Brant, and Trent
Brant : er....
Brant: Well.
monkeydude: i can be the back up
Trent: no, we need active people
Brant: Mol and I super admins'
Jabu: Mol is not active
monkeydude : so me, Brant, and Trent
Jabu: ..
Brant: o_O
Trent: and from what Ive learned, Mol has not been active, or accomplishing anythin
Trent: g
Jabu: this is the correct answer
z2005: he posts in the rpg
z2005: thats about it for now
Jabu: is he the angel or the demon?
Brant: He went for three months without posting
Brant: Came back and posted with long dead characters
Trent: And by active, I mean you need to be productive as well. Spamming is not productive, and thus inactive.
Jabu: that he had killed off
Brant: Oh yeah, Mol will be reading this later. o_O
Jabu: :-)
Jabu: all the better
Trent: yes, 'tis
Jabu: Mol: Jabu, I hope you aren't starting some I hate mol club
monkeydude: e brant, who do you think should be the mods
Brant: Good question
Brant: Well, the choices are
monkeydude: you get final answer
Brant: A vote should happen sometime
Trent: And should Mol not become one of the RPG Troika, and he then messes with matters that are not of his, he should either be completely revoked of his power or just downgraded.
Brant: z2005, trent, monkeydude, jabu, dcaf-06, sky, mol, I...
z2005: when did dcaf come up?
Jabu: You are a given, Brant. But Sky isn't
Brant: Well...
z2005: dcaf isnt usually on "after school"
Trent: I agree that Brant should be one, because he is both active and productive
Brant: The only thing Mol has done in the last two months is create a page called bigguys...
Brant: That cannot be viewed.
monkeydude: okay, everyone vote for the last two in which you cant vote for yourself
Trent: which is completely random
Trent: what last two
z2005: ill vote for trent then
monkeydude: ill go with trent to
z2005: vote for the other two rpg mods
z2005: cant vote for yourself
Trent: ok
Trent: z2005
Brant: okay
Trent: Trent-2 z2005-1
Jabu: I vote for z2005
Jabu: no one else
Trent: no more votes?
Brant: Hmm.
Brant: Well everyone has a right to vote
Brant: Even people not here.
Trent: right, right
Trent: Do you still do polls?
Brant: Dcaf-06, Sky, etc...
Trent: Put up a poll for just this very purpose
Trent: and see if you can fix it where you cant vote for yourself
Brant: Jay Eff's setting a poll system up for the Remmies; he probably could make one for this
monkeydude: i hope i win
z2005: if the poll's going up, hopefully it wont be corrupted by personal opinions of people
Trent: hopefully
Brant: Yes
monkeydude: atb
Jabu: it will be
Brant: It should be a matter of the votes and more. Someone could register 50 names and vote for themselves.
Jabu: mhmm
Trent: We also need a to-do list. Such as the Troika's abilities and the polls
Trent: right, right.
Trent: well
z2005: plus a poll closing date
Trent: wait, can you view who voted what?
Brant: Not as far as I know.
Trent: damn
Trent: ok
Trent: then JMail
z2005: dont make it so you can
z2005: that'll open the door for biased votes
Brant: Yeah
monkeydude: jmail is perfect
z2005: jmail wll worjk
z2005: -j
Trent: yes, because you can tell if someone is abusing the polls
Trent: So, I think Brant can be trusted, does everyone else?
Brant: J-Mail would be much easier
monkeydude: yeah
Jabu: oh yeah, brant can be trusted
Trent: Alright, the votes will be jmailed to Brant
z2005: yeah, brant's been at the head of most of this anyway
monkeydude: 8-)
Brant: Good.
z2005: he'll be good
z2005: right brant??????
Brant: I'm here.
Brant: Yeah
z2005: good boy
Brant: Even if Mol's not voted a member, he will still want the power to edit stuff.
Trent: My, Im just whipping things into shape, eh?
z2005: he already can
Brant: And he has that power.
z2005: hes an admin
Brant: Yes.
z2005: oooh
z2005: so youre saying
Brant: So should Mol and I count?
monkeydude: lets just ask mol
Trent: Well, should a post be edited and none of the elected Troika did it, Mol should be under serious consideration as a suspect
z2005: that the mods should be the only ones to have the ability to edit the rpg?
z2005: are you saying that the mods should be the only ones to have the ability to edit the rpg?
Brant: I'm thinking that.
Trent: Can Jay prevent all abilities in the RPG, as far as editing goes, to just the Troika?
Brant: But Jay Eff is the true power.
monkeydude: unless jay eff dosent want apart ofit
z2005: i think he could
z2005: not sure though
Trent: Jay has 3 weeks, think he can?
Brant: Jay's majorly busy lately. He doesn't have the time to make a messageboard preview button.
Brant: No idea.
Trent: hm.
z2005: so, the poll will end when the rayniah rpg ends?
z2005: or should it be the day before
monkeydude: yep, that would work
z2005: to give time to tally and make appointment changes
Trent: I think we'll just have to trust Mol until an unauthorized edit occurs
z2005: yeah
monkeydude: the first one
z2005: 2/5, end date for poll
Brant: Sounds cool.
Jabu: Mol won't understand
Brant: He won't...
monkeydude: um....
Jabu: you want me to explain?
monkeydude: yes
Brant: Sure.
Jabu: :-)
Brant: I have to go soon.
Trent: Listen, if Mol abuses his powers, Jay will cerainly have the time to be revoked of his powers
Jabu: Mol can't abuse his powers
Jabu: you have no authority over Mol, Trent
Jabu: he knows that
Trent: Did I say I did?
Jabu: he'll just write you off
Jabu: no
Trent: Hence: Jay taking action should the need occur
Jabu: but he'll think you did
Jabu: Mol won't understand why Jay did what he did, though
z2005: brb
Brant: k
Trent: We will have a rule that only the Troika can edit RPG posts
Brant: I'll be leaving very soon.
monkeydude: im ieavin. jmail me on what you decide. im out
Brant: k
monkeydude has left the room.
Trent: Mol will certainly be advised of it
Brant: Yes.
Jabu: but he won't listen
Trent: Thats not an excuse
Jabu: you tell him that
Trent: Surely Jay will be able to tell that its a problem
Brant: Jay's smart.
Jabu: ok...
Brant: But busy
Trent: but it takes a mere click to revoke Mol
Brant: Yep
Trent: Alright, rules will be construes by the 2/6 deadline. Anything else someone would like to say?
Brant: Okay, that's enough for a night,
Brant: 'Any final comments?
z2005: bak
Brant: Trent, you thought just what I thought. Anyway...
Trent: Does it not amaze you?
Brant: Very amazing. Jabu, you first.
Jabu: Brant, only speak when spoken to
Jabu: plz
Brant: Okay, z2005, any final comments?
z2005: youre gonna have this posted on remjf
z2005: right?
Brant: I'll try to do that tomorrow.
Trent: yes, and open for discussion
z2005: ok
Brant: My sister needs on now.
Trent: save the chat
Brant: i did
Trent: good
Brant: every 5 minutes
Brant: goodbye
z2005: then im good; ill try to find a way to wrap up rayniah
z2005: +quick
Trent: ok, bye Brant
Brant: bye
Jabu has left the room.
z2005 has left the room.
Trent has left the room.
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