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TitleRPG 3
Posted01.16.04 06:25:39 PM
Ok, Ive been talking to Brant, trying to catch up on the RPGs, and all I can say is: You people have fucked up Remnants. Im not kidding, you people have gone completely off on a tangent. No offense to you guys by the way, and Im sure youre having fun, and I know Remnants was filled with randomness and twists, but the TERMINATOR "just like in the movies" is COMPLETELY off the Remnants topic. Also, you people have just utterly destroyed the characters which KAA gave us. D-Caf has always been the kid who nobody liked yet nobody hated, who relied on others, yet was very observant. How does he become perfect at everything?! And also, youre abusing the mutations. Look at the books, it took almost 2 books for Edward's mutation to get recognition, and much more for it to be controlled. You people have your characters just stand around about 2 posts and then *poof* they can destroy planets with their mere flatulance. And this isnt a contest for who can post the most random thing and have others deal with it, or who can think of a funny name and make others spell it, or see how many people you can kill with your magical sword surrounded in fairy dust. It needs some substance other than killing and silly names. A role-playing game is where you act like some other person, and continue to act like that person, and live like that person. Reread the books if you must, and try to grasp what you obviously missed throughout the series.

So, since you must all love me now, what say we begin a third RPG?

Whatever And Even, Amen.

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