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Posted01.16.04 02:11:56 PM
Welcome, Trent. I remember a while ago you told me that you'd never come here. Good to see that you've changed your mind.

The RPGs have went through dry spells before and returned. They'll be revived again; planning is underway for the Mother RPG at this very minute.

We've got the REMMIES AND Remnants Survivor 2004 coming up... I recommend signing up for Remnants Survivor 2004. We still have 5 or 6 openings. It'll be a great way to test your Remnants knowledge with your strategy planning skills. Even if you never saw or disliked survivor, I'll have guides and everything for when it starts this summer.

Again, glad to see you. Keep coming to the greatest Remnants site on the Internet. (Even greater when we get preview and edit buttons on the messageboard. *coughs Jay Eff cough*)


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