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TitleWell, this place still alive and kicking?
Posted01.15.04 10:33:10 PM
Amazing. Just as school begins anew, I think Ill renew my addiction to Remnants. Any objections? No? Good. And dont dare call me a newbie. Ive been part of the Remnants community for far longer than most of you, Id bet. Anywho, still got an RPG going? Anyone remember the good ol' days with Chyutnum or whatever messed up symbols I used for it? Ah, yes, I do believe I will quence my thirst for Remnants. Brant? Mol? Still here too? And super-admins too, my my. We should chat sometime. My AIM is Connorhea. Ill see you there.

Whatever And Even, Amen.

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