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TitleAnother important message regarding the future of Remjf
Posted01.08.04 05:05:44 PM
'I like fudge. It's chocolaty, and it's sweet. It feels good in my mouth but it makes me thirsty. I like being a lawyer. It makes me proud. I have a briefcase. I keep my fudge in there. You can have some if you want. Not too much though. It will make you thirsty. I'm not from here, but I live here now. I came to this town to represent the lead dispersal plant. The government wanted to close it. I got a court order that allowed me to stay at the plant so I could disprove firsthand the effects of the plant. I like watches; they're shiny. They make ticktock sound that tickles my ears. Have you seen my wife?
after I lost the case, I decided to stay in Wigfield. I don't know why. When my wife would come to visit me, she used to cry and try to explain something to me, but I can't remember what. I like fudge. Guess what I have in my briefcase. I'm one of the the mayors. I hope thye don't tear down the dam. My fudge would get wet.'

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