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TitleMol in RPG (both RPGs)
Posted01.01.04 04:14:05 PM
My character Mol has been split into two seperate people. He died, and entered the Interchange, a place where you could enter people's minds and read their memories. He met Billy there, who promised him a human body, and would return him to the real world.

Well, now, Mol is in two places at once. Raynaih and Mother. On Mother he was born out of thin air, resembling the same old Mol we already know. On Rayniah he was born from the sand. He picked the powers of healing people with sand, and turning into sand. He was also born without hair, but later grew straight, strawberry blonde hair and has yellow eyes. His body is different, but I haven't described in which ways. Just saying the don't look the same.

The can communicate to each other in a psychic connection. I thought this would be a fun way to keep both of the RPGs still on the same story path. That way if we wanted to finish them both off in one big bang, we could have them both on the same wavelength.


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