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Posted12.30.03 12:53:50 PM
I saw a lot of this summers biggest hits... Daredevil, X2, the Core, the Matrix sequels, Hulk, T3, Pirates of the Caribbean, Freaky Friday (yeah, i saw it), Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Freddy Vs Jason, and the Return of the King. Here's my slimmer list: X2, T3, Matrix sequels, and Pirates. It's hard. I'm cutting off T3. Er... and Pirates of the Caribbean. X2 and Matrix sequels. Hmmm? You can't just cout Reloaded or Revolutions by itself because they are just one big movie. I'm going with X2.

X2: X-Men United is my pick.

Reason: Der... Nightcrawler in the White House and Pyro going psyhco on all those cops.


"Never fight an ugly person. They have nothing to loose."

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