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TitleI got some cool stuff
Posted12.29.03 12:02:04 AM
The big one A Toshiba Flat Screen TV, 20 inches, with built-in DVD player and VCR. The picture is amazing, and the Surround Sound is nothing to laugh at (wink). Not that I'm bragging or anything.

I also got Matrix and Matrix: Reloaded on DVD, and Goldmember too. A few books by Jerry Spinelli, S. E. Hinton and Lois Lowry (I'm a book freak)...some clothes (surprisingly they're nice and they fit--like OMG!) pair of headphones...Good Charlotte CD..and some it's all good, you know?

The Core?? Dude you know you wanna let me borrow that...I've been dying to see it since forever...if you want to borrow Goldmember (since I know have both Matrixes already) I'll let you no problem.

My livejournal, which I sometimes update

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