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Posted12.24.03 12:50:24 AM
Ah, Christmas is here once again. The season of love, the season of giving, the most wonderful time of the year. It's holidays like these that really make the year special. As I write this the seconds go by until we reach December 25th, and as each second goes by it feels like Christmas more and more. Christmas, after all, is all about giving and being with those you care about, both family and friends. It's about cherishing those precious times when you can be with loved ones and really appreciate the true meaning of life. It's not all about the presents, though. In my opinion Christmas is too commercialized, but that's just the way life is. This special time of year is all about love, joy, and peace on earth.That, my friends, is the true meaning of Christmas. I hope you'll think about what you just read as you sit around with your family on Thursday and enjoy the ambiance of love and caring.


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