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TitleAdd-on to Mol's
Posted12.08.03 12:04:12 AM
I figured since Mol did a bio on his two IV characters, I might as well do one on The Blur, whom I have called for the RPG.

Name: Ezekara Yynthala
Nickname: The Blur
Age: 20
Occupation: Server of The Great One?Place of Birth: Xhyren, Rayniah
Curent Location: Rayniah
Allies: The IV (The Virus, The Mole, The Thorn); The Great One?(again, Mol's decision)
Enemies: The Strangers (Mol, pYrOs, Justin(Flash to Mol, pYrOs, and Max, for now), Max)
Technology: Special fittings to his legs and feet that allow him to run at super-fast speeds.
Intelligence: High
Mutation: Born with gills, that's it.
Relatives: Two little sisters.

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