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Posted12.07.03 12:41:44 AM
Name: Justin Wagner
Screen Name: Mol
Age: 17
Occupation: Student in High School
Place or Birth: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Current Location: Rayniah
Allies: Pyros, Flash, Max
Enemies: The IV
Weapons: Demon Tail
Intelligence: High
Mutation: Heat Resistance; Dreamcatching
Relatives: Deceased


Name: Zahnah Urrika
Nickname: Zahn; The Virus
Age: 24
Occupation: Leader of The IV
Place of Birth: Xhyren, Rayniah
Current Location: Rayniah
Allies: The IV (The Thorn, The Blur, The Mole); The Great One?
Enemies: The Strangers (Mol, Pyros, Flash, Max); The Great One?
Weapons: Invisibility Technology; Infrared Sensors
Intelligence: Mediocre
Mutation: None
Relatives: Johnakira Urrika (aka The Mole), her brother


Name: Johnakira Urrika
Nickname: John; The Mole
Age: 17
Occupation: Server of The Great One?
Place or Birth: Xhyren, Rayniah
Current Location: Rayniah
Allies: The IV (The Virus, The Thorn, The Blur); The Great One?
Enemies: The Strangers (Mol, Pyros, Flash, Max)
Weapons: Technology to walk through walls or go beneath the ground.
Intelligence: Little
Mutation: None
Relatives: Zahnah Urrika (aka The Virus), his sister


I didn't have enough time to write in the RPG since I was doing all this character info, so I'm just letting you know I've called The Virus and The Mole. From what I know so far, they are brother and sister. The are both two of the IV. The Great One is just a name for someone/something bigger to come. I thought of the person/thing before, but I don't have a name for them/it yet, but it will twist The IV and The Strangers into a crazy and amazing plot. The Strangers is Mol, Pyros, Flash, and Max.... it's just what The IV call them. I didn't write an RPG post yet, but I will tomorrow. I will write one for all three of them!


"Never fight an ugly person. They have nothing to loose."

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