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TitleRPG - Responses Required
Posted12.05.03 07:19:35 PM
I'm very confused about what's happening with some people. I need to update the RPG Rules and Characters page.

Everyone in the RPG post an update on your characters here. Include name and location. Mutation would be appreciated.

Character: Steele
Location: Mother
Mutation: Controls metal

Character: Caliginosa
Location: Mother
Mutation: None

Character: Edward
Location: Mother
Mutation: Chameleon

Mol, Dcaf-06, z2005, AninutJ, Arsh, and Jabu, this is required. Failure to respond to this in a reasonable amount of time will result in the immediate death of all of your characters.

I'm especially interested in Charlie, Yago, Noyze, Mo'Steel, Tamara, Ghost Billy, and Justin.

Is Justin also known as Flash?

Lain no longer wishes to post in the RPG. If anyone wants the characters pYrOs, just post saying you'll take him, and I'll add you.

Have a nice day.


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