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TitleRe: Is Tate Still alive?
Posted07.28.03 01:55:38 PM
Okay. We need a little bit of order.

How about: Everything happened like it happened in the books up to the end of book 9? Nothing that happened in books 10 and up have to happen in this. We'll have it, Billy saved the Remnants and the Zone. Kubrick didn't die, but Dr. Cohen and Jobs were killed by Riders. You can either be a character from Remnants or make your own character.

Here's who is living, and who's character is taken. Mo'Steel, 2Face, Violet(Jabu), Roger Dodger(Brant), Tate, Noyze, Edward, Kubrick, Tamara, D-Caf(Dcaf-06), Olga, Burroway, Noyze, Anamull, Yago, The Troika, pYrOs, and AninutJ.

Anyone agree or have any suggestions?


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