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Posted11.28.03 12:45:34 PM
I might have screwed up your story a bit. I've still got them as giant animals. I thought you were just describing some of the giant bugs as planes, as your characters POV.

Anyways, the town of Jull is going to be attacked by a massive number of Yagos. The Battle at Jull may be a little more fair now.

Do what you want, just remember you can't kill off any of my characters. If a Yago gets split in half, two Yagos are formed.

Why don't you try and explain yourself(Max) to pYrOs and Mol a little bit, and then go into the Yagos invading? Tell them why you're were a little jumpy to find out I was Mol.

I hope I'm not confusing anyone, but I'm thinking off the top of me head, and not really putting this in any particular order.


"Never fight an ugly person. They have nothing to loose."

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