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Posted11.11.03 02:23:39 PM
I just saw The Matrix Revolutions over the weekend, and I thought it was great. I loved the ending too. It was probably the same exact way I'd end it, if I wrote it. I liked the Train Station idea, but I'd still like to know how Neo got there. Plus, I like the way SPOILER Trinity SPOILER died. I liked how The Kid and Zee had bigger roles. The actor that plays as The Kid has signed onto Matrix 2 through 6, so there may be another trilogy. It'll most likely deal with the first Messiah, because as you know SPOILER Neo was the sixth One SPOILER. SPOILER Keanu Reeves may be in the next trilogy though, even though his character died. The Matrix was original with the matrix idea, but not the One storyline. It almost follows the bible exactly. Neo is Jesus Christ. The Oracle is God. The Architect is Satan. Blah Blah Blah.... any the way this one ended... there may be THE MATRIX RESURRECTED! SPOILER.


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