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Posted11.05.03 03:17:33 PM
Since I've been confusing a few people since my comeback, I've decided to explain my characters and their areas a little better here on the Message Board. I play the RPG with three characters: Mol, Charlie, and Yago, as most of you know.

Mol- He's everything that I am. He has brown hair, and blue eyes. He's about 5'10, and has a pretty basic body structure. He has the power to create and control fire, and the power to fly, but he can only do so when he turns 'devil'. This form increased his size, and basically makes him look like any picture of any devil you're ever seen: horns, wings, claws, etc.. all that good stuff.

Charlie- He's based off the character made by K.A. Applegate. He's paranoid, skitzophrenic, and an insomniac. Plus, he's got some pretty cool mutations himself. He can leap extremly far, stick to walls, shoot quills, and spit acid. Cool, huh?

Yago- He's based off the character made by K.A. Applegate also. Even though he's power hungry and ruthless, he's got an interesting quality unlike the other two: he's a ghost!

Mol is marching thousands of Bugs from their underground caverns to where he had last seen the Remnants.
Charlie is in a place known as the Green House aboard Mother.
While Yago is in some paradox, where the only things he sees are two windows. One window is Mol's view, and other is Charlie's. With these windows he can communicate from his ghostlike state to either of them.

The Caverns are just like any cave you have every seen. Sand-colored walls, but it has a source of light from nowhere. The light is there, but how? Maybe you guys can RPG about where it's coming from? Some places have metallic rooms, while others are just cavelike. That's pretty much it. The metallic rooms are just as plain as the cavelike ones.

The Green House is like a walks in the woods, only everything you see is green. Different shades, but all green. Trees, the sky, the ground... etc.

The Paradox is just black emptiness except for two window. One called THE ABOLSIHER, which is Mol's view. The other called THE CREATOR, which is Charlie's view.

I'm planning on connecting my characters together... Mol (The Abolisher), Charlie (The Creator), and Yago (The Uniter). At the end of the RPG, they will run like one being instead of three.... how? You'll find out soon enough.


"Never fight an ugly person. They have nothing to loose."

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