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Posted10.29.03 02:57:23 PM
Alright, well I believed the Troika were contolling Mother when I left. I read, and I didn't see them loosing control anywhere unless I misread? I didn't remember Amelia or Duncan dying either, but if they are dead and I screwed up then.... here's an easy fixer.... Charlie is crazy. So we can write a flashback to what happened to Charlie, Amelia, and Duncan. We could say after Amelia died, and Duncan died... they lived on as multiple personalites inside Charlie. Just too Charlie. So it wouldn't be like Charlie actually has Amelia in him (like Book 13), but he thinks he does because he became skitzophrenic. You could say Charlie is so messed up, he still believes he's contolling Mother. Anyways.. you guys tell me, and I'll make my confusion understandable.

~ Mol


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