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TitleI loved just about everything.
Posted09.06.03 10:20:59 AM
But that's because I'm not cultured enough to have a good opinion. But I'll make one anyways.

I always hated 2face's character (in the begining), but then I got to loving the downward spiral and her not trusting anyone. I loved that.

Violet, on the other hand, was a strong character in the begining. I soon began to dislike Violet in the final two arcs. She seemed really full of herself.

Tate, oh Tatum. The greatest character ever 'made' by Applegate. She had everything, openness to everyone, willing to accept. She was the kindest remnant of them all (up until the bitter last years). So much depth as compared to the other remnants.

Anamull was an exact likeness to my brother, which caused me to hate him. I liked Jobs (up until the whole insane thing).

I always hated Mo...until I read the series over again. That convo with Tate was great.

I loved every minute of Yago. I practically threw book 6 (when it said he was dead) across the room.

I wish Connie lived....her and Tamara. Tamara was a good character, just starting out. Roger...I could'nt care less for (I don't know what Brant sees in him...).

I wanted Edward to die. I wanted Jobs to feel the pain of now being all alone. I wanted 2face to realize that she had vowed, but forgotten her promise to take care of Edward. Nothing personnal against Edward, of course.

I had nothing against Noyze, but I didn't like Cohen. She gave Ohio more of a bad name than it already has. Whiny little...

I'm glad Olga lived. She deserved to live.

TR? Burroway? You mean they WEREN'T the same person? They were targets from the begining, you knew they would die.

I liked Violet's mom, but I saw that her character would just prove to be worthless as the series progressed. Shy...was a male Cohen.

Wow...that was pointless...


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