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TitleIt was ok...
Posted09.05.03 05:23:41 PM
I thought Begin Again was ok, nothing great at all. I liked all of the first arc but in the second arc my favorite was Survival, definitely. That's probably my favorite in the whole series... Mother May I? and No Place Like Home were great also.

Anyway, back on Begin Again, when I read the part "Echo stood back and waited" or whatever it is, I turned the page and I thought the regreening ritual would be part of the epilouge. Nope.

Although, Mol, I'm pretty sure 2Face died because Billy killed her. He can do a lot of freaky things and he had to kill her because he HAD to live for the regreening ritual. The part when she hears her mother is when she's dead. I always did hate her...

The worst in the series has to be Aftermath. It's so boring. We walked around, I don't trust anyone- that was Aftermath.

I was also disappointed that we never saw the battle with the Savagers. It's like K.A. just skipped the parts she didn't feel like writing. Anyway, that's all I have to say right now.


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