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Posted09.05.03 08:04:58 AM

What happened to D-Caf!?!?! I based my screen name on him, I deserve to know. If I ever contact K.A., that's the first thing I'm asking her.

One of the summaries said that "All will be revealed." Exactly what was revealed? Let's look at what we don't know...

How Te was onboard Mother was not told at all.
We don't know what the hell happened to D-Caf or Roger Dodger.
The regreening ritual was totally skipped.

Lots of other questions were left unanswered, and it's BULL! K.A. didn't even give us a letter like she did at the end of Animorphs, and you would think that she would want to since Remnants is her last series.

Overall, I DID like the ending of Begin Again, but not as much as I thought it would. I was sincerely hoping for a longer book, like 250 pages with lots of action and dying. Unfortunately, no dice.

I give Begin Again a 7.0 for exceeding expectations, but it was too short and the fairy tale ending was too cliche. (frowns)

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