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TitleRe: The Dead zOne
Posted09.04.03 03:44:37 PM
Well, I'll attempt to post again, although I'm tired.

Books 1-9: Very good and Remnants-like.

Then, Jeff left, and the series struggled.

Book 10: Very disappointing. Poorly written with very little detail. And SHORT!

Books 11 and 12: The Earth plot begins. This was not at all what I'd call Remnants-ish. It seemed like the series changed from a science fiction fan's dream to just a plain old series.

Book 13:
Well, this book was very interesting. It almost seemed to be written by Applegate. Of course, so many things had happened to destroy what this book could have been. It was by far the best book in the second arc, though.

Book 14:
Just what I thought it would be. I think this was the 2nd best of the Earth arc. Besides just walking around (like 12), events actually happened. I had my hopes so low that I was actually sort of happy that this wasn't horrible. Of course, it wasn't the greatest either.

I differ a little bit from Mol. I like how we were left in the dark about the regreening and several other things. It makes it more mysterious and better for fan fic writers. Better to have no explanation than a pathetic thing that Applegate just made up.

The thing that I'm most mad about are D-Caf and Roger Dodger not being in the epilogue and no known information about the mutations and the Ancient Enemy.

I have more to say, but I'm saving it for the Review Troika's Begin Again Review!


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